Clinical Products definition

Clinical Products means Existing Clinical Products and New Clinical Products, individually or collectively as the context may require.
Clinical Products means T CELL PRODUCTS and KITS intended for use in CLINICAL APPLICATIONS.
Clinical Products means any pharmaceutical or biological products or medical device products that are, or that at any time during the four years prior to the Effective Time have been, the subject of active clinical trials in humans anywhere in the world.

Examples of Clinical Products in a sentence

For information on how you make this request, NSW Health buyers should contact the Contract Manager at Health Support Services or your Clinical Products Co-ordinator at your nearest Service Centre.

Company medical representatives must observe the current Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice and any NHS GG&C policy, i.e. Working with Suppliers of Clinical Products Policy in the course of visits to hospitals.

During the Term, GSK shall maintain safety stock quantities of raw materials such that GSK will be able to support the Purchaser’s orders for New Clinical Products or New Clinical Placebo within [***] of the current Forecast Schedule.

The Price for the Existing Clinical API, Existing Clinical Product, and Existing Clinical Placebo shall be that specified in Schedule 1, which reflects GSK’s fully allocated CoGs of Manufacturing such Existing Clinical API, Existing Clinical Product, and Existing Clinical Placebo plus a margin (which is no greater than the margin applied for the Manufacture of New Clinical API, New Clinical Products, and New Clinical Placebo).

For example, Avon has touted the inclusion of a special patented molecule, the “A-F33 Molecule,” in the ANEW Clinical Products to give the impression that these products provide better anti-aging results than even medical-grade ingredients ( i.e., retinol) or cosmetic procedures, such as injectable collagen.