CFS definition

CFS means cubic feet per second.
CFS means the funding that the MOHLTC agreed to provide, or to ensure the provision of, to the HSP, in an agreement for the construction, development, redevelopment, retrofitting or upgrading of beds (a “Development Agreement”).
CFS means cubic feet per second. “ppm” shall mean parts per million. “s.u.” shall mean standard units.

Examples of CFS in a sentence

  • The amount of the Estimated Provincial Subsidy shall be calculated on both a monthly basis and an annual basis and will be allocated among the Envelopes and other funding streams applicable to the HSP, including the CFS.

More Definitions of CFS

CFS means cubic feet per second, usually pertaining to stream or effluent flow.
CFS means the common follow-up information management system
CFS means the Container freight station or stations being the land and premises used by DCT Gdańsk at the Container Terminal where, amongst other things, Cargo is stuffed, stripped and inspected;
CFS means clean fuel standard or carbon intensity standard. "CHAdeMO" means charge de move, a DC fast charging protocol. "CI" means carbon intensity.
CFS means CFS Louisiana Midstream Company, a Delaware corporation.
CFS has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.