BV definition

BV means bismuth vanadate.

Examples of BV in a sentence

  • The term of the agreement expired on 31 December 2014 and thereafter has been automatically renewed for a further period of three years upon such renewal being approved at the Company’s extraordinary general meeting held on 25 September 2014.NXP B.V. is a connected person of the Company by virtue of it being a substantial shareholder of the Company.

  • Glukhova MA, Frid MG, Shekhonin BV, Vasilevskaya TD, Grunwald J, Saginati M, et al.

  • Unlike Proposition 2.10, here we do not assume that the kernel interaction w is Lipschitz continuous, but only BV .

  • The tool therefore makes it possible to value and control the amount of reuse of a building (Repurpose and IMIX projecten BV, 2018).

  • We now prove Theorem4.1. We combine estimates for solutions of the finite-dimensional problem ˚e-findim with estimates for solutions of the transport equation with a Lipschitz interaction kernel˚e-cauchysmooth and with estimate for solutions of the transport equation with a BV interaction kernel ˚e-cauchy.ncnProof.

More Definitions of BV

BV means MEC International BV, a private limited company ("besloten vennootschap") organized and existing under the laws of the Netherlands.
BV means billing validation, whereby testers validate that the results of billing cycle runs meet the expected results of the cycle.
BV means the Base Value.
BV means the Bond Value at the Valuation Time on the Unwind Date; and
BV shall have the meaning set forth in Section 21.4(b).
BV has the meaning given to it in the Preamble to this Agreement.
BV has the meaning set forth in the preamble. --