Burdensome Restriction definition

Burdensome Restriction means any consensual encumbrance or restriction of the type described in Section 6.10.
Burdensome Restriction is defined in Section 10.9.
Burdensome Restriction means any consensual encumbrance or restriction of the type described in clause (a) or clause (b) of Section 7.09. “Business Day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or other day on which commercial banks are authorized to close under the Laws of, or are in fact closed in, the state where the Lender’s Office is located or Los Angeles, California and, if such day relates to any Eurodollar Rate Loan, means any such day that is also a London Banking Day. “Capital Lease Obligation” of any Person means any obligation of such Person to pay rent or other amounts under any lease of (or other arrangement conveying the right to use) real or personal property, or a combination thereof, which obligation is required to be classified and accounted for as a capital lease or a financing lease on a balance sheet of such Person under GAAP, and the amount of such obligation shall be the capitalized amount thereof determined in accordance with GAAP. “Cash Collateralize” means to pledge and deposit with or deliver to the Lender, as Collateral for L/C Obligations, (a) cash or deposit account balances, (b) backstop letters of credit entered into on terms, from issuers and in amounts satisfactory to the Lender, and/or (c) if the Lender shall agree, in its sole discretion, other credit support, in each case, in Dollars and pursuant to documentation in form and substance satisfactory to the Lender. “Cash Collateral” shall have a meaning correlative to the foregoing and shall include the proceeds of such Cash Collateral and other credit support. “Cash Equivalents” means any of the following types of investments, to the extent owned by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries: (a)(i) readily marketable obligations issued or directly and fully guaranteed or insured by the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof having maturities of 4

Examples of Burdensome Restriction in a sentence

  • No Loan Party is subject to any Burdensome Restriction except Burdensome Restrictions permitted under Section 6.10.

  • The Borrower is, and will be after giving effect to the Transactions, individually and together with its Subsidiaries, Solvent.No Burdensome Restriction.

More Definitions of Burdensome Restriction

Burdensome Restriction has the meaning set forth in Section 7.08.
Burdensome Restriction means any consensual encumbrance or restriction of the type described in Section 6.10 of the Domestic Credit Agreement.

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  • Investment Restrictions means the investment restrictions of the Fund as set forth in the Declaration of Trust including, without limitation, those described in section 2.0 of this Annual Information Form.

  • restrictive condition means any condition registered against the title deed of land restricting the use, development or subdivision of the land concerned:

  • Non-Guarantor Restricted Subsidiary means any Restricted Subsidiary that is not a Subsidiary Guarantor.

  • Restricted License is any material license or other agreement with respect to which Borrower is the licensee (a) that prohibits or otherwise restricts Borrower from granting a security interest in Borrower’s interest in such license or agreement or any other property, or (b) for which a default under or termination of could interfere with the Bank’s right to sell any Collateral.