Brakes definition

Brakes means pneumatic (air) or electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems.
Brakes. Brake discs, brake pads, brake linings/shoes. • Electrics: Bulbs, LED’s, 12-volt batteries, lithium battery cells, fuses, wiring harnesses, wiring terminals, and remaking of disturbed electrical connections (other than electrical failures of the main headlight units or electrical failures integral to the components of the EV system). • Miscellaneous items: Air conditioning recharging, ECU reflashes (unless deemed essential as part of a valid claim), upgrades, exhaust system, auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, tappings, supports, fixings and fastening devices, fuel tank and fuel lines, rubber hoses, metal pipes or plastic pipes and unions, core plugs and air bags. • Non-factory and Non-Dealer fitted components. • Non Manufacturer Approved fitted components.
Brakes. Brake discs, brake pads, brake linings/shoes.

Examples of Brakes in a sentence

  • Brakes out of adjustment will stop doing their share before those that are in adjustment.

  • Brakes are designed so brake shoes or pads rub against the brake drum or disks to slow the vehicle.

  • Brakes can get out of adjustment quickly, especially when they are hot.

  • Be as smooth as possible when you speed up, shift gears, turn or brake.• Use Both Brakes — The front brake is still effective, even on a slippery surface.

  • Brakes can get out of adjustment quickly, especially when they are used a lot; also, brake linings wear faster when they are hot.

  • If you re-apply the brakes before the wheels start rolling, the vehicle won't straighten out.) Don't Jam on the Brakes.

  • Pull gently on the trailer with the tractor to check that the trailer emergency brakes are on.Test Trailer Service Brakes.

  • Brakes must be manufactured and installed in a safe and workmanlike manner.

  • Brakes shall be maintained on all rubber tired, self-propelled equipment.

  • Brakes, steering mechanisms, speed and direc- tional control mechanisms, warning devices, lights, gov- ernors, guards, and safety devices shall be inspected regularly and maintained in a safe operating condition.

More Definitions of Brakes

Brakes. Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, restrictor valve, calliper seals, servo. Excluding seizure and corrosion. Anti-locking Brake System: The ABS modulator and wheel speed sensors only. Electrical System: Starter motor, alternator, electric window motors and switches, sunroof motor and switch, central locking motors, front and rear windscreen wiper and washer motors, heater fan motor, multi-function stalk switch and horn. Engine Management (ECU): Engine electronic control unit. Working Materials: Oils, oil filter and anti- freeze are included only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim.

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