BMA definition

BMA means the Bermuda Monetary Authority, or, should the Bermuda Monetary Authority no longer have jurisdiction or responsibility to regulate the Company or the Insurance Group, as the context requires, a regulator which is otherwise subject to Applicable Supervisory Regulations.

Examples of BMA in a sentence

  • E1.6 Identification of ancillary capital instruments approved by the authorityOn 5 May 2020, the Group’s Senior Notes were approved as Tier 3 ancillary capital by the BMA, and on 5 October 2020 the BMA approved the Group’s Subordinated Notes as Tier 2 ancillary capital.

  • Contract checking and advice services can be accessed by BMA members by calling 0300 123 1233 or by emailing

  • BMA Quality CareFacilitySurvey DateBack in ComplianceBMA East Rocky Mount The information in the application, including any exhibits, is reasonable and adequately supported for the following reasons: ▪ The applicant provides adequate and credible documentation of its current policies with regard to providing quality care.▪ The applicant provides accurate information regarding past deficiencies and how those deficiencies were addressed.

  • Please refer to Note 27 of the Accountants’ Report as set out in Section 13 and Section 14.6 of this Prospectus for further details pursuant to the BMA.

  • The Department of Health, in consultation with NHS Employers, the BDA and the BMA will provide a job description based on the Competence Framework for Chairmen and Members of Tribunals, drawn up by the Judicial Studies Board.

More Definitions of BMA

BMA means Bio-Medical Applications Management Company, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and permitted assigns.
BMA means the Boxing Marketing Arm, the exclusive marketing agency for all AIBA commercial properties, managing all properties of AOB, APB and WSB and owned by AIBA and third party investors;
BMA means the Bermuda Monetary Authority established under the Bermuda Monetary Authority Act 1969;
BMA means block management area. A BMA is a specified area on which, by cooperative agreement between the landowner, other resource management agencies and the department, public hunting is permitted with certain restrictions or use rules.
BMA means the Bank’s mobile application accessible to the Client/Authorised Person via the software downloaded to the smart device, which allows the Client/Authorised Person to perform the Transactions allowed by the Bank. Internet is required for full operation of the mobile banking system.