Definition of Beeson Pipeline

Beeson Pipeline means the 8" crude oil pipeline extending from Beeson station to Lovington, New Mexico, owned by HEP Pipeline, L.L.C.
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Examples of Beeson Pipeline in a sentence

Beeson Pipeline means the 37-mile Crude Oil pipeline from Beeson station to Lovington, New Mexico (8-inch).
That certain Asset Purchase Agreement (Beeson Pipeline) dated as of , 2009, between Beneficiary and Navajo Pipeline Co., L.P., as seller, and HEP Pipeline, as buyer.
Assets means the Sinclair Transferred Assets and all of the following assets conveyed, contributed, or otherwise transferred by the Holly Entities to the Partnership Entities: (i) the 2004 Product Pipelines, Terminal and Related Assets, (ii) the 8 and 10 Lovington/Artesia Intermediate Pipelines, (iii) the 2008 Crude Pipelines, Tanks and Related Assets, (iv) the 16 Lovington/Artesia Intermediate Pipeline, (v) the Tulsa Transferred Assets, (vi) the Beeson Pipeline, and (vii) the Roadrunner Pipeline.