OTHER DAYS Sample Clauses

OTHER DAYS. (a) Not Paid Holidays The following days or times therein are not paid holidays:
OTHER DAYS. New Year’s Eve, the day after New Year’s Day, Easter and Christmas Eve are not statutory holidays. However, the increased rate provided in Article 16.22 applies if the Producer requires the Second Unit Director to work on those days.
OTHER DAYS a) The following days or times therein are not paid holidays:

Related to OTHER DAYS

  • Lieu Days Where an employee is granted a lieu day pursuant to Clause 17.3 or 17.4 of this Agreement, the time off granted will be seven (7) hours per lieu day for a full-time employee and prorated for a part-time employee.

  • Snow Days All support staff employees will be paid for the first snow day without reporting to work and without the loss of a sick day. Custodians that are asked to report will be given an additional vacation day. On days in which school is cancelled because of snow or ice conditions, custodians will be given up to an extra hour to report to work without loss of pay. The morning shift custodians will come in by 8:00 a.m. or earlier if called. Second shift custodians may come in at 8:00 a.m. if mutually agreed upon by the employee and supervisor, or report at their regularly scheduled time. Other employees such as secretaries, cooks, educational assistants, crossing guards and bus drivers may be called and advised not to report to work. If they are not called and do in fact report for work, they shall receive two (2) hours call in pay. Employees are required to provide a working telephone number to enable the supervisor to contact them. For employees other than custodians: If the supervisor and the employee determine that there is work that needs to be completed, then they may mutually agree to have the employee report to work. If work is not available, school term and student term employees shall be entitled to use two (2) sick days as compensation for the non-availability of work.

  • Calendar Days Any reference to the word “day” or “days” herein shall mean calendar day or calendar days, respectively, unless otherwise expressly provided.

  • Work Days The term “work days” when used in this Article shall mean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of any week except that no day that is designated as a holiday in this Agreement shall be counted as a work day.

  • Days Unless specified otherwise, any period of days mandated under a Note or this Revenue Sharing Agreement shall be determined by reference to calendar days, not business days, except that any payments, notices, or other performance falling due on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal government holiday shall be considered timely if paid, given, or performed on the next succeeding business day.

  • consecutive days The Employer may switch scheduled days off to accommodate an emergency situation provided the switch is mutually agreed with the employees affected.