Sales outlet definition

Sales outlet means any place at which consumer products are sold, supplied, or
Sales outlet means a distribution agent or retail outlet authorized to sell the paysafecard to consumers.

Examples of Sales outlet in a sentence

  • The applicant may review the Metro Transit website for TDM measures, including Metro Commute Card, Metro Commuter Choice, and Metro Pass Sales outlet.

  • The SFURTI, with a view to achieve the aforesaid objectives, envisages the development of certain selected activities of village industries by developing clusters, marketing channels and forum, market facilitation centers, strengthening of Sales outlet, capacity building, design up-gradation, setting up of Common Facility Centers (CFC) etc.

  • Product name USB-MCA Model APG7300A, APG7300L Serial Number Warranty period One year from date of purchase Purchase date Sales outlet Customer’s Name Customer’s Address Customer’s phone number * Please keep product certificate and proof of purchase date.

  • NAFED, Panchkula Signature of Contractor: Address:Date:TENDER DOCUMENT INFORMATION PAGE Name of the Work : Interior work of Construction of workstation/ Sales outlet at Ground floor and Basement of SCO No. -179, Sector-5, Panchkula.

  • Receipt books are assigned to each Sales outlet – Venue, Hotel, Rotary, LBWVB.

  • Sales outlet at the CFC place to increase the sales volume of the cluster.

  • Name of work :To carry out residual renovation work of Sales outlet at 12, Puliyampatti Road, Nambiyur.

  • SECRETARY NAMBIYUR SARVODAYA SANGHNAMBIYUR, ERODE DISTRICT TECHNICAL BIDAnnexure -ITender form for Renovation Work at the Khadi Sales outlet of Nambiyur Sarvodaya Sangh at Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, 12, Puliyampatti Road,Nambiyur - 638458 Erode District Tamilnadu Part – 1 Description of work1.

  • Reinsurance arrangements often generate a long-term relationship between cedant and reinsurer.

  • Sales outlet is through Government-controlled retail shops such as super bazars, cooperative societies, State-managed fair price shops, Canteen Stores Deptt (CSD) etc.

More Definitions of Sales outlet

Sales outlet means premises or facilities used for the sale of pesticides;
Sales outlet means a sales channel other than a Franchisee.
Sales outlet means the premises on, in or from which a pesticide is or will be sold, offered for sale or transferred;
Sales outlet means PROTON’s showroom at branches and dealers nationwide. “Seller” means PROTON.

Related to Sales outlet

  • Gross Profit has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

  • Gross Sales means the total amount of all revenues (whether in cash or credit) generated or derived from the conduct of any business at the Leased Premises, including (without limitation) all box office receipts of or at the Leased Premises (including receipts from tickets or gift certificates redeemed at the Leased Premises regardless of the point of sale), as well as any and all receipts from the sale of goods, services, merchandise, beverages, food, vending machines and video games at the Leased Premises; provided, however, that the following shall be excluded from “Gross Sales” (i) credits and refunds made with respect to admissions or other sales otherwise included in Gross Sales, (ii) all federal, state, county and city admission taxes, sales and use taxes, entertainment taxes, royalty taxes, gross receipt taxes and other similar taxes now or hereafter imposed and owing to the taxing authority by Tenant (whether such taxes are collected from customers separately from the selling price of admission tickets or absorbed by Tenant); (iii) receipts from the sale of gift certificates or tickets sold but not redeemed at the Leased Premises; (iv) with respect to any tickets or admissions ordered or paid for over the internet and redeemed at the Leased Premises, the portion (if any) of the sale price that exceeds Tenant’s actual box-office ticket price; (v) sales price for merchandise returned, (vi) amounts retained by credit card issuers, (vii) sales outside of the ordinary course of business, (viii) amount of credit card sales deemed uncollectible, (ix) advertising revenues including without limitation media, sponsorship, and promotional advertising of any kind, and (x) the receipts of or from so-called “four-wall deals” with a party that is not affiliated with Tenant, except that the portion thereof or other amounts paid to Tenant in connection with such “four-wall deals” shall be included in “Gross Sales” under this Lease. Commissions or surcharges paid to agencies or other third parties not affiliated with Tenant for selling tickets or processing credit card transactions, and any sums paid to third parties not affiliated with Tenant for the use or rental of vending machines, pay telephones, amusement machines and other similar devices shall be deducted from “Gross Sales” (if and to the extent previously included in “Gross Sales”).

  • Days Sales Outstanding means, as of any day, an amount equal to the product of (x) 91, multiplied by (y) the amount obtained by dividing (i) the aggregate outstanding balance of Receivables as of the most recent Cut-Off Date, by (ii) the aggregate amount of Receivables created during the three (3) Calculation Periods including and immediately preceding such Cut-Off Date.

  • Product Group or “the Group” means a group of lotteries that has joined together to offer a product pursuant to the terms of the Multi-State Lottery Agreement and the Product Group’s own rules.

  • Sublicensing Revenue means any cash consideration (including upfront payments, milestone payments, and royalties), and the cash equivalent of all other consideration, actually received by ZIOPHARM or its Affiliate from a Third Party in consideration for a grant of a sublicense under the Intrexon IP or any rights to develop or commercialize ZIOPHARM Products, but excluding: (a) any amounts paid as bona fide reimbursement for research and development costs to the extent incurred following such grant; (b) bona fide loans or any payments in consideration for a grant of equity of ZIOPHARM to the extent that such consideration is equal to or less than fair market value (i.e. any amounts in excess of fair market value shall be Sublicensing Revenue); or (c) amounts received from sublicensees in respect of any ZIOPHARM Product sales that are included in Net Sales.

  • Semi-annual (2/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done during the months of June and December, unless specifically identified otherwise.

  • Yearly (1/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done in the month of September, unless specifically identified otherwise in the effluent limitations and monitoring requirements table.

  • Quarterly (1/Quarter) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done in the months of March, June, August, and December, unless specifically identified otherwise in the Effluent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements table.

  • Net Sales means the gross amount billed or invoiced on sales by Company and its Affiliates and Sublicensees of Licensed Products, less the following: (a) customary trade, quantity, or cash discounts and commissions to non-affiliated brokers or agents to the extent actually allowed and taken; (b) amounts repaid or credited by reason of rejection or return; (c) to the extent separately stated on purchase orders, invoices, or other documents of sale, any taxes or other governmental charges levied on the production, sale, transportation, delivery, or use of a Licensed Product which is paid by or on behalf of Company; (d) outbound transportation costs prepaid or allowed and costs of insurance in transit; and (e) allowance for bad debt that is customary and reasonable for the industry and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section 1.7, Net Sales does not include sales of Licensed Products at or below the fully burdened cost of manufacturing solely for research or clinical testing or for indigent or similar public support or compassionate use programs. In any transfers of Licensed Products between Company and an Affiliate or Sublicensee, Net Sales shall be calculated based on the final sale of the Licensed Product to an independent third party. In the event that Company or an Affiliate or Sublicensee receives non-monetary consideration for any Licensed Products, Net Sales shall be calculated based on the fair market value of such consideration. . In the case of Combination Products, Net Sales means the gross amount billed or invoiced on sales of the Combination Product less the deductions set forth above, multiplied by a proration factor that is determined as follows:

  • Semi-annual (2/Year) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done during the months of June and December, unless specifically identified otherwise.