Athletes definition

Athletes means an athlete(s) who has/have been designated by USATF as qualified and eligible to compete in the Championships, and who in fact so compete.
Athletes. Council” means a group of Athlete Representatives, usually from diverse genders, disciplines and classifications, governed by written or unwritten terms and elected or selected to meet, discuss and communicate positions and feedback representing all athletes in the sport governed by the NSO;
Athletes. Commission” means the Commission established under the Rules to provide advice to Council on matters affecting World Athletics and Athletics from an athlete’s perspective

Examples of Athletes in a sentence

  • Athletes should live by a code of ethics, which will entitle them to the honor, and respect, which they can rightfully earn, through competition and representation of their school.

  • Athletes may only nominate a maximum of two qualification competitions.

  • The Senior Athlete Representative shall chair the Athletes Committee.

  • To encourage the participation of Outreach Athletes in VSI sanctioned meets, VSI will reimburse a club for meet entry fees paid by the club for the outreach athletes.

  • Athletes must submit an application to be considered for inclusion on the Zones Team by a predetermined date.

More Definitions of Athletes

Athletes. Commission” means the Commission described in Rule 5.9.4.
Athletes. Council” means the Athletes’ Council established under Bylaw 321.
Athletes. Commission” means a Board Committee of SASCOC whose members are those athletes serving on the Athletes’ Commission on behalf of Olympic and non-Olympic sports as contemplated in Article 8.7;
Athletes means any member of a GO-sponsored provincial team or a participant in GO- sponsored try-out session, camp or competition in respect of such a team.
Athletes. Rights and means the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Responsibilities Declaration adopted by the IOC on proposal of the IOC Declaration” Athletes’ Commission as amended from time to time.
Athletes. Advisory Council’ means the en-
Athletes. Representative” means a person who is duly authorised and registered as an Athletes’ Representative in accordance with the IAAF Athletes’ Representatives Regulations.