arterial road definition

arterial road means a road, which, in the opinion of the road authority, functions as a main carrier of traffic within an urban area.
arterial road means a roadway providing service which is relatively continuous and of relatively high traffic volume, long trip length, and high operating speed. In addition, every United States numbered highway is an arterial road.
arterial road means a highway defined as an arterial road in the Surrey Subdivision and Development By-law, 1996, No. 8830, as amended.

More Definitions of arterial road

arterial road means a road which is declared to be an arterial road under section 14;
arterial road. , means an arterial road as designated on Schedule “B”, to this By-Law.
arterial road means a highway whose primary function is to carry through traffic from one area to another with as little interference as possible from adjacent land uses, but which may provide direct access to property as a secondary function;
arterial road means a Highway with the primary function to carry traffic from one area to another with as little interference as possible from adjacent land uses and having limited direct access;
arterial road. – means any highway with markings identifying more than two traffic lanes;
arterial road means a road designed primarily for long-distance travel with a typical curb-to-curb width of 120 feet to 80 feet, high traffic capacity and low accessibility from neighboring roads. The term “arterial road” as used in this Policy includes freeways, prime arterials, urban major and major roadways as defined in the City of Rialto General Plan, Circulation Element.
arterial road means a roadway of considerable continuity used primarily as a main traffic artery and having the capability of carrying high volumes of traffic. Arterial roadways within Jenkintown Borough are not eligible for traffic calming features through the Traffic Calming Policy described herein. Traffic calming features may be constructed on an Arterial roadway as part of a Borough sponsored streetscape or similar enhancement project.