BlackRock definition

BlackRock means affiliates of BlackRock, Inc. that act as investment adviser and sub-adviser to the Funds.

More Definitions of BlackRock

BlackRock means, as the context requires, all Funds considered collectively or the Fund or Funds relevant to the particular context.
BlackRock means BlackRock, Inc.
BlackRock means BLK SMI, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, together with its Affiliates that hold Units. For the sake of clarity, (a) BLK SMI, LLC and its Affiliates holding Units (if any) shall be deemed to be one (1) Member, one (1) Class A Member, one (1) Nominating Class A Member, and one (1) holder of Units of each applicable type, class or series that BLK SMI, LLC and/or its Affiliates hold, (b) BLK SMI, LLC (for so long as it holds Units) shall be entitled to receive notices on behalf of itself and its Affiliates that hold Units, and shall be entitled to take all actions under this Agreement with respect to itself and its Affiliates that hold Units, and (c) at such time as BLK SMI, LLC no longer holds any Units, BLK SMI, LLC shall designate an Affiliate that then holds Units as the Member entitled to receive notices and take actions on behalf of itself and its Affiliates pursuant to written notice to the Company.