Approved Broker definition

Approved Broker. Means one or more securities brokerage firms designated by the Secretary of the Company from time to time.

Examples of Approved Broker in a sentence

  • You and your Immediate Family Members must maintain your Personal Brokerage Accounts with an Approved Broker.

  • Upon opening a Personal Brokerage Account at an Approved Broker, Employees are required to disclose the Personal Brokerage Account to the Compliance Officer.

  • If you maintain a Personal Brokerage Account at a broker-dealer other than at an Approved Broker, you will need to close those accounts or transfer them to an Approved Broker within a specified period of time as determined by the Compliance Officer.

  • If you are an employee in the US, you must maintain your account(s) with an Approved Broker.

  • Covered Persons located outside of the US are not subject to US Approved Broker requirements.

More Definitions of Approved Broker

Approved Broker means Brax Shipping AS; Bxxxx Xxxxxxxx Sxxxxx X.X., Paris; Clarksons, London; Rocca & Partners S.R.L., Genova; Fearnsale, a division of Astrup Fearnley AS, Oslo; any affiliate of the foregoing; or any other independent sale and purchase ship brokerage firm nominated by the Company and approved by the Administrative Agent (such approval not to be withheld unreasonably).
Approved Broker means each of Fearnleys A.S., Oslo Shipbrokers A.S., Clarkson Valuations Limited, Simpson Spence & Young Shipbrokers Ltd., E.A. Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd., Allied Shipbroking, Greece, RS Platou ASA, ICAP Shipping Limited, ACM Ltd., London, or such other reputable, independent and first class firm of shipbrokers specialising in the valuation of vessels of the relevant type appointed by the Lenders and agreed with the Borrowers;
Approved Broker means each of (i) H Clarkson & Co. Ltd. of St Magnus House, 3 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX, Xxxxxxx, (ii) Arrow Research Ltd. of Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX00 0XX, Xxxxxxx and (iii) Fearnleys AS of Grev Wedels Xxxxx 9, X.X.Xxx 0000 Xxxxxxx, Xxxx X-0000 Xxxxxx or such other reputable, independent and first class firm of shipbrokers specialising in the valuation of vessels of the relevant type appointed by the Agent and agreed with the Borrower;
Approved Broker means any reputable insurance broker of recognized responsibility and standing experienced in aircraft insurance.
Approved Broker means each of Arrow Research Ltd. of London, England, Astrup Fearnley A/S of Oslo, Norway, X. Xxxxxxxx & Company Ltd. of London, England, Maersk Broker K/S of Copenhagen, Denmark, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx & Young Ltd. of London, England, X.X. Xxxxxx Shipbrokers of Oslo, Norway and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Salles of Paris, France and includes their respective successors in title and “Approved Brokers” means any or all of them;
Approved Broker means each of X. Xxxxxxxx & Company Limited of London, England, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx X.X. of Paris, France, X.X. Xxxxxx Shipbrokers A.S. of Oslo, Norway, Arrow Sale & Purchase (UK) Ltd. of London, England, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx & Xxxxx of London, England, Fearnley AS of Oslo, Norway , Xxxxxxxxx'x Limited of London, England and Xxxxxx Shipbrokers Ltd of London, England;
Approved Broker means a Firm-approved third-party broker for Employee Securities Accounts.