Insurance broker definition

Insurance broker means a person who, by acting as the customer’s rep- resentative, arranges and/or services covered products on behalf of the cus- tomer.
Insurance broker means an insurance brokerage firm,
Insurance broker means an individual licensed by the department to represent citizens of this State in placing their insurance. An insurance broker may place that insurance either with an eligible surplus lines insurer or with a licensed insurance producer in an insurance carrier licensed in this State.

Examples of Insurance broker in a sentence

  • The firm of Brown & Brown be designated as Insurance Broker of Record for the 2012-2013 school year and that all existing policies be renewed July 1, 2012.

  • All definitions mentioned in the IRDAI Guidelines, IRDAI Insurance (Broker) Regulations, 2018 and guidelines related to POSPs for Insurers (Life, Non-Life .) updated from time to time and regulations for Insurance Brokers and POSP shall apply mutatis mutandis to the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Insurance broker

Insurance broker or "agent" means a person who is currently licensed as a disability insurance broker or agent, according to the laws administered by the office of the insur- ance commissioner under chapter 48.17 RCW.
Insurance broker means a person who on behalf of any other person negotiates long-term insurance business other than reinsurance business with one or more insurers, but does not include an insurance agent or an employee of an insurer unless the remuneration of that employee comprises commission;
Insurance broker means any individual who, or any firm, partnership or body corporate which, for compensation as an independent contractor in any manner solicits, negotiates or procures insurance or the renewal or continuance of insurance on behalf of existing or prospective policy- holders;
Insurance broker means a licensed insurance broker appointed by You to act on Your behalf.
Insurance broker means any individual, partnership, limited liability partnership,