Ante and Play definition

Ante and Play means one of the two games a player may play in three card poker. In this game, a player plays against the dealer. The player places an initial ante bet and then has the option of placing a second "play" bet if he or she believes the hand is strong enough to beat the dealer's hand.

Examples of Ante and Play in a sentence

  • If the player’s hand and the player-dealer’s hand are equal in rank and value, the hand is considered a tie and the Ante and Play wagers shall push and be returned to the player.

  • Dealer does not have a qualifying hand and the patron’s hand ties with the dealer: Push on both Ante and Play bets.

  • Dealer has a qualifying hand and the patron’s hand wins: Pays even money on both Ante and Play bets.

  • Dealer has a qualifying hand and the patron’s hand loses: Patron loses both Ante and Play bets.

  • Dealer has a qualifying hand and the patron’s hand ties the dealer: Push on both Ante and Play bets.

  • A player must make an Ante and Play wager to be eligible for an Ante Bonus payout.

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  • If the dealer’s highest ranking four-card Poker hand is a king or better, and the player’s highest ranking four-card Poker hand is ranked: (a) Lower than the dealer’s four-card Poker hand, the dealer shall immediately collect the Ante and Play Wagers made by the player but shall pay out the Super Bonus wager made by the player in accordance with the payout odds.

  • Inscriptions that advise patrons of the payout odds or amounts for Ante and Play Wagers, Pair Plus Wagers and Ante bonuses, the Six Card Bonus Wager and the phrase “Dealer Plays with Queen High or Better."B.

  • If the player’s hand and the player-dealer’s hand are equal in rank and value, the hand is considered a tie and the Ante and Play wagers shall push and be returned to the player.3. All cards collected by the house dealer shall be picked up in order and placed in the discard rack in such a way that they can be readily arranged to reconstruct each hand in the event of a question or dispute.4. Player-dealers are never required to cover all opposing players’ wagers.

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  • SONIAi-pLBD means, in respect of any London Banking Day “i” in the relevant Interest Period, the SONIA reference rate for the London Banking Day falling “p” London Banking Days prior to the relevant London Banking Day “i”.

  • and Gentlemen We are acting as special counsel with respect to New York tax matters for the unit investment trust or trusts included in the series identified as FT 1782 (each, a "Trust"), which will be established under a certain Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust dated December 9, 2003, and a related Trust Agreement dated as of today (collectively, the "Indenture") among First Trust Portfolios L.P., as Depositor (the "Depositor"), First Trust Advisors L.P., as Evaluator, First Trust Advisors L.P., as Portfolio Supervisor, FTP Services LLC, as FTPS Unit Servicing Agent, and The Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee (the "Trustee"). Pursuant to the terms of the Indenture, units of fractional undivided interest in the Trust (the "Units") will be issued in the aggregate number set forth in the Indenture. We have examined and are familiar with originals or certified copies, or copies otherwise identified to our satisfaction, of such documents as we have deemed necessary or appropriate for the purpose of this opinion. In giving this opinion, we have relied upon the two opinions, each dated today and addressed to the Trustee, of Chapman and Cutler XXX, xounsex xxx the Depositor, with respect to the factual assumptions and the matters of law set forth therein. We have assumed that the assets of the Trust will consist exclusively of debt securities, equity securities in entities classified as corporations for federal income tax purposes, or a combination thereof. Based upon the foregoing, we are of the opinion that the Trust will not constitute an association taxable as a corporation under the relevant tax laws of the State and City of New York, and accordingly will not be subject to the New York State franchise tax (New York State Consolidated Laws Chapter 60, Article 9-A) or the New York City general corporation tax (New York Administrative Code Title 11, Chapter 6, Subchapter 2). We consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement (No. 333-152320) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to the registration of the sale of the Units and to the references to our name in such Registration Statement and the preliminary prospectus included therein. Very truly yours,

  • SETA means a sector education and training authority established in terms of section 9(1) of the Skills Development Act, 1998, and defined as such in section 1 of that Act;

  • CBOD5 means five day carbonaceous (nitrification inhibited) biochemical oxygen demand measured in an unfiltered sample;

  • We, Our, Us means United States Fire Insurance Company underwriting this insurance or its authorized agent.

  • urge buckslip optional, but recommended. (This is a small, single sheet of paper that requests Customers to vote as quickly as possible and that their vote is important. One copy will be supplied by the Fund.)

  • Agreed Terms means, in relation to a document, such document in the terms agreed between the Seller and the Purchaser at the date of this Agreement and initialled for identification by the Seller’s Lawyers and the Purchaser’s Lawyers with such alterations as may be agreed in writing between the Seller and the Purchaser from time to time;

  • SONIAi means the SONIA reference rate for:

  • WorkSafeBC means the Workers Compensation Board, a provincial Crown corporation created pursuant to the Workers Compensation Act (British Columbia);

  • Ladies and Gentlemen For value received, the undersigned beneficiary hereby irrevocably transfers to: ------------------------------ [Name of Transferee] ------------------------------ [Address of Transferee] all rights and obligations of the undersigned as Borrower under the Liquidity Agreement referred to above. The transferee has succeeded the undersigned as Subordination Agent under the Intercreditor Agreement referred to in the first paragraph of the Liquidity Agreement, pursuant to the terms of Section 8.1 of the Intercreditor Agreement. By this transfer, all rights of the undersigned as Borrower under the Liquidity Agreement are transferred to the transferee and the transferee shall hereafter have the sole rights and obligations as Borrower thereunder. The undersigned shall pay any costs and expenses of such transfer, including, but not limited to, transfer taxes or governmental charges. We ask that this transfer be effective as of _______________, ____. WILMINGTON TRUST COMPANY, not in its individual capacity but solely as Subordination Agent, as Borrower By:_____________________________________ Name: Title:

  • State Load Despatch Centre or ”SLDC” means the centre established by the State Government for the purpose of exercising the powers and discharging the functions under Section 31 of the Act;

  • AICTE means “All India Council for Technical Education.”

  • Cueing means giving verbal, audio, or visual clues during an activity to help an individual complete the activity without hands-on assistance.

  • Visa means VISA International Service Association.

  • HKFE means the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited;

  • LSA means Load Settlement Agent, which is the entity conducting Load Settlement calculations for a particular Load Settlement zone;

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  • Diocese means the Church of England diocese in which the Academies are situated;

  • Company Name Address: Attention: Tel: Fax: Email: If sent to Cornell: For all correspondence except payments - Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University Attention: Executive Director 000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxx, XX 00000 FAX: 000-000-0000 TEL: 000-000-0000 EMAIL: For all payments - If sent by mail: Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University XX Xxx 0000 Xxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 If remitted by electronic payments via ACH or Fed Wire: Receiving bank name: Xxxxxxxx Trust Co. Bank account no.: 0111000065 Bank routing (ABA) no.: 000000000 SWIFT code: Bank account name: XXXXXX00 Cornell University Bank ACH format code: Not required Bank address: X.X. 000, Xxxxxx, XX 00000 Additional information: Reference D-4677 Agreement No.: <to be filled> An email copy of the transaction receipt shall be sent to Licensee is responsible for all bank charges of wire transfer of funds for payments. The bank charges shall not be deducted from the total amount due to Cornell.

  • SOLAS means the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended.

  • Campfire means a small outdoor fire intended for recreation or cooking not including a fire intended for disposal of waste wood or refuse.

  • DTMB means the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget. “Effective Date” has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • CTS Enabled Interface means an interface between the PJM Control Area and an adjacent Control Area at which the Office of the Interconnection has authorized the use of Coordinated Transaction Scheduling (“CTS”). The CTS Enabled Interfaces between the PJM Control Area and the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. Control Area shall be designated in Schedule A to the Joint Operating Agreement Among and Between New York Independent System Operator Inc. and PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (PJM Rate Schedule FERC No. 45). The CTS Enabled Interfaces between the PJM Control Area and the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. shall be designated consistent with Attachment 3, section 2 of the Joint Operating Agreement between Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. and PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. CTS Interface Bid: “CTS Interface Bid” shall mean a unified real-time bid to simultaneously purchase and sell energy on either side of a CTS Enabled Interface in accordance with the procedures of Operating Agreement, Schedule 1, section 1.13, and the parallel provisions of Tariff, Attachment K- Appendix. Curtailment:

  • DUNS means the Data Universal Numbering System, which is a unique nine character identification number provided by Dun and Bradstreet.

  • CTE means career and technical education.

  • international voyage means a voyage from a country to which the present Convention applies to a port outside such country, or conversely.