Amendment 1 definition

Amendment 1 means this Supply Agreement Amendment #1 between FDMX and Kornit.
Amendment 1 means Amended and Restated Credit Facility Agreement Amendment 1 made between Borrower and Lender effective as of the Amendment 1 Effective Date.

Examples of Amendment 1 in a sentence

Action would authorize the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to execute Amendment 1 to Work Order WOA1949-AE-06 for MTS Doc.

This Purchase Order shall not be deemed to create any multiple-fiscal year direct or indirect debt or other financial obligation whatsoever for purposes of Section 20(4)(b) of Article X of the State Constitution (Amendment 1).

Or. en Amendment 797 Heide Rühle Proposal for a directive Article 81 – paragraph 1 Text proposed by the Commission Amendment 1.

Amendment 753 Lara Comi Proposal for a directiveArticle 79 – paragraph 1 – introductory part Text proposed by the Commission Amendment 1.

The existing use is defined under the Peak Downs Shire Planning Scheme (Amendment 1 – 2011) as Accommodation Building.

More Definitions of Amendment 1

Amendment 1 means Amendment No. 1 to the Third Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of Atlas, to be adopted by Atlas substantially in the form attached as Exhibit B.
Amendment 1 means that certain Amendment No. 1 to Loan and Security Agreement by and between Agent, Lenders and Parent.
Amendment 1 means that certain Amendment No: 1 to the Contract Manufacturing Agreement between the parties dated effective as of September 19, 2016, which amends this Agreement.