Third Amendment Date definition

Third Amendment Date means December 10, 2014.
Third Amendment Date means the date on which the Third Amendment becomes effective in accordance with its terms.
Third Amendment Date means January 17, 2008.”

Examples of Third Amendment Date in a sentence

The Company will not nor will it cause or permit any of its Subsidiaries to, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts not to permit, any Qualified Lessee or any of its Subsidiaries to, amend, supplement, terminate, replace or waive any provision of its operating agreement or other organization documents after the Third Amendment Date.

Company shall pay to JHU within [**] days of the Third Amendment Date [**] dollars ($[**]) as an amendment fee (the “Third Amendment Fee”).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Agent agrees not to adjust the Advance Rates in effect on the Third Amendment Date or institute any new reserves, except to the extent reasonably required by Exigent Circumstances as determined by Agent in its Permitted Discretion.

The parties desire to amend the Agreement in accordance with the terms of this Amendment, such amendment to become effective as of the Third Amendment Date.

If Arcturus appoints a new Arcturus employee to serve as the Trusted Arcturus Employee after the Third Amendment Date, Arcturus shall promptly notify CureVac of such appointment.

More Definitions of Third Amendment Date

Third Amendment Date means February 26, 2016.
Third Amendment Date means June 23, 2020.
Third Amendment Date means June 29, 2015.
Third Amendment Date means April 3, 2020.
Third Amendment Date means the “Third Amendment Date” as defined in the Third Amendment.
Third Amendment Date means July 20, 2009.
Third Amendment Date means March 14, 2013.