AHS definition

AHS means Area Health Service grouping of HCU’s which are run and operated under a single managerial structure.
AHS means Alberta Health Services, a corporation established as a regional health authority by the Minister of Health & Wellness pursuant to s. 2(1) of the Regional Health Authorities Act, RSA 2000, c. R-10;

Examples of AHS in a sentence

  • Next Steps • AHS level discussion around creating a system for collecting data on this population.

  • Require all AHS children youth and family service contractors/grantees to collect and report this data as well.

  • Whether a child has a parent in prison is not entered into any database within AHS.

  • DRC alleges that Defendants subject17 Alameda residents to unnecessary institutionalization and an unnecessary risk of18 institutionalization by failing to provide sufficient community-based treatment programs19 and other services that would reduce institutionalization in the County.20 AHS has moved to dismiss DRC’s claims for lack of standing and for failure to21 state a claim for which relief may be granted.

  • They are broken down in the following pages by Low or No Cost, Moderate Cost and High Cost, as well as recommendations outside of AHS.

More Definitions of AHS

AHS has the meaning ascribed to it in the preamble of this Agreement.
AHS means the Agency of Human Services established in Title 3, chapter 53 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated.