Agreement Containing Covenants definition

Agreement Containing Covenants means the Regulatory Agreement and Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions entered into between Borrower and City, of approximately even date herewith.
Agreement Containing Covenants means the Agreement Containing Covenants (Including Rental Restrictions) in substantially the form attached hereto as Attachment No. 6, between the City and the Borrower, which shall be recorded on the Closing Date.
Agreement Containing Covenants means the Agreement Containing Covenants Affecting Real Property (Including Rental Restrictions), in substantially the form attached hereto as Attachment No. 6 and incorporated herein by reference, to be entered into by and between the Authority and the Developer, which shall be recorded on the Closing Date.

Examples of Agreement Containing Covenants in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing release, Seller does not release Purchaser from any of its obligations or duties under that Amendment to Agreement Containing Covenants Affecting Real Property (Grand Central Square) dated as of December 15, 1992 and recorded in the Official Records in the Office of the County Recorder for the County of the Los Angeles on December 16, 1992 as Instrument No. 92-2365209.

  • Negotiate and execute a subordination agreement with California Community Foundation (CCF) and SHG, to subordinate the Agreement Containing Covenants Affecting Real Property (Covenant Agreement) for property located at 1300 E.

  • Failure to comply with the requirements of this Agreement or the Agreement Containing Covenants is an event of default under the terms of the City Note and City and Residual Receipts Deeds of Trust.

  • The Agreement Containing Covenants may only be amended subsequent to the express authority of the City Council.

  • Attendance will be confirmed with the student’s institution each term prior to the issue of the award and will include those instances where the student’s absence from college has been approved.

  • The City, its successors and assigns, is deemed the beneficiary of the covenants contained in the Agreement Containing Covenants, both for and in its own right and for the purposes of protecting the interests of the community and other parties, public or private, without regard to technical classification and designation.

  • Prior to the Close of Escrow, Buyer and City shall enter into an Agreement Containing Covenants in the form and substance of Exhibit 2 attached hereto, governing all and every portion of the Property, which Agreement Containing Covenants shall be recorded upon the Close of Escrow immediately following the recording of the Grant Deed.

  • The Agreement Containing Covenants shall include a requirement that if be recorded against the Property and shall have superior position on title relative to the liens of all lenders who provide financing for the Project for the Term of this Agreement.

  • The Borrower shall comply with the tenant protection provisions of 24 CFR 92.253, which are set forth in the Agreement Containing Covenants.

  • A new Agreement Containing Covenants will be recorded against the leasehold interest in the site.

More Definitions of Agreement Containing Covenants

Agreement Containing Covenants means an agreement containing covenants substantially in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit 2 which will be recorded against the Property and which will require Buyer to develop, operate and maintain a full service Supermarket and offer other services to the Broadway Villas Senior Housing project. Such Agreement Containing Covenants shall provide notice of the restrictions imposed upon the Property and shall have a superior position on title relative to all lendersliens.

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