Affected Stockholders definition

Affected Stockholders means each Stockholder all or a portion of whose shares of Common Stock have been included in a Registration Statement filed with the Commission pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

Examples of Affected Stockholders in a sentence

  • The Affected Stockholders shall provide all information reasonably requested by the Company for inclusion in any Registration Statement to be filed hereunder.

  • How Has Conservatorship Affected Stockholders and Other Stakeholders?Common stockholders own 100% of the GSEs. While under conservatorship, however, the powers of common stockholders, who formerly elected the boards of directors and approved certain enterprise actions, are transferred to the conservator—in this case, FHFA.

  • The Registration Expenses relating to any Registration effected by the Company pursuant to this Agreement shall be for the account of the Company; provided, however, that any and all underwriting discounts and commissions attributable to the sale of the shares of Common Stock of the Affected Stockholders shall be for the account of the Affected Stockholders.

  • Enter into such agreements (including an underwriting agreement in customary form and containing customary provisions relating to legal opinions and accountants' letters, representations and warranties and mutual indemnification and contribution between the Company and the underwriters for the Affected Stockholders) and use all reasonable efforts to take such other actions as the Affected Stockholders may reasonably request in order to expedite or facilitate the disposition of such Registrable Shares.

  • If so requested by such Affected Stockholders, the Registration Statement shall be filed pursuant to Rule 415 (relating to "shelf registration statements") of the Securities Act Rules.

  • If more than one such firm shall represent the Affected Stockholders in connection with a Registration under this Agreement, the Affected Stockholders shall notify the Company as to which firm shall be deemed to represent the Affected Stockholders for purposes of this Section 7.

  • For purposes of this Section 7, the Company shall be obligated to pay the fees and expenses of only one law firm representing the Affected Stockholders.

  • If Affected Stockholders are provided the right to vote on a matter to be decided by the Members, the Board may authorize an Absentee Vote for Affected Stockholders.

  • Difficulty of Identifying and Compensating Affected Stockholders A challenge in compensating the owners of publicly-held firms is the difficulty of matching the recipient and the person originally harmed.

  • Affected Stockholders are entitled to notice and participation in matters to be decided by the Members as provided in the Ohio Cooperative Law.

Related to Affected Stockholders

  • Other Stockholders means persons other than Holders who, by virtue of agreements with the Company, are entitled to include their securities in certain registrations hereunder.

  • Restricted Stockholder has the meaning specified in Section 10.01.

  • Company Stockholders means the holders of shares of Company Capital Stock.

  • Parent Stockholders means the holders of the outstanding Parent Shares.

  • Existing Stockholders means the WCAS Securityholders and their Affiliates.

  • Common Stockholders means holders of shares of Common Stock.

  • Majority Stockholders means any Stockholder or combination of Stockholders who at the date of this Agreement own shares of Company Common Stock representing more than two-thirds of the total number of shares of Company Common Stock outstanding at the date of this Agreement.

  • Independent Shareholders means holders of outstanding Voting Shares, excluding (i) any Acquiring Person, (ii) any Offeror, (iii) any Affiliate or Associate of any Acquiring Person or Offeror, (iv) any Person acting jointly or in concert with any Acquiring Person or Offeror, and (v) any employee benefit plan, share purchase plan, deferred profit sharing plan or trust for the benefit of employees of the Corporation or a wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Corporation (unless the beneficiaries of such plan or trust direct the manner in which such Voting Shares are to be voted or direct whether the Voting Shares are to be deposited or tendered to a Take-Over Bid, in which case such plan or trust shall be considered to be an Independent Shareholder).

  • Other Stockholder means the persons that own Common Stock, other than the Participant.

  • Preferred Stockholders means, collectively, the holders of shares of Preferred Stock of the Corporation. Prior Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the third paragraph of this Agreement.

  • Participating Stockholder means a “Participating Stockholder” under the HBB Stockholders’ Agreement, HY Stockholders’ Agreement and NACCO Stockholders’ Agreement, to the extent the Partnership owns HBB Class B Shares, HY Class B Shares or NACCO Class B Shares. A Partner shall cease to be a Participating Stockholder under this Agreement and shall be deemed to be a Former Partner immediately prior to any event or lapse of time that causes such Partner to no longer be a “Participating Stockholder” under such applicable stockholders’ agreements.

  • Company Shareholders means the registered or beneficial holders of the Company Shares, as the context requires;

  • Major Stockholders means those stockholders owning more than ten percent (10%) of the voting stock of any

  • Eligible Stockholder means a person who has either (A) been a record holder of shares of common stock of the Corporation used to satisfy the eligibility requirements in Section 1.13(d) continuously for the required three-year period or (B) provides to the Secretary of the Corporation, within the time period referred to in Section 1.13(e), evidence of continuous Ownership of such shares for such three-year period from one or more securities intermediaries.

  • Dissenting Stockholders shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.

  • Other Shareholders means persons who, by virtue of agreements with the Company other than this Agreement, are entitled to include their securities in certain registrations hereunder.

  • Participating Holders means all Holders of Registrable Securities which are proposed to be included in any offering of Registrable Securities pursuant to Section 2.1 or Section 2.2.

  • 10% Stockholder means the owner of stock (as determined under Code Section 424(d)) possessing more than ten percent (10%) of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock of the Corporation (or any Parent or Subsidiary).

  • Company Stockholder means the holder of either a share of Company Common Stock or a share of Company Preferred Stock.

  • Management Shareholders shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Common Shareholders means the registered and/or beneficial holders of the Common Shares, as the context requires.

  • Majority Stockholder means, collectively or individually as the context requires, TPG Capital, L.P., Apollo Global Management, LLC and/or their respective affiliates.

  • Preferred Stockholder means a holder of Preferred Stock.

  • Existing Shareholders means Fifth Third Bank and its Affiliates.

  • Public Stockholders means the holders of shares of Common Stock sold as part of the Units in the Offering or acquired in the aftermarket, including the Sponsor (as defined below) to the extent it acquires such shares of Common Stock in the aftermarket (and solely with respect to such shares of Common Stock). “Business Day” means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or other day on which commercial banks in The City of New York are authorized or required by law to remain closed; provided, however, for clarification, commercial banks shall not be deemed to be authorized or required by law to remain closed due to “stay at home”, “shelter-in-place”, “non-essential employee” or any other similar orders or restrictions or the closure of any physical branch locations at the direction of any governmental authority so long as the electronic funds transfer systems (including for wire transfers) of commercial banks in The City of New York are generally are open for use by customers on such day.

  • Company Optionholders means the holders of Company Options.