Admitted Student definition

Admitted Student means a student whose application for enrollment has been accepted by the Charter School and placement has been determined to be appropriate in accordance with Exhibit B, if applicable, and has completed the enrollment process required by the Charter School, but has not completed Registration.

Examples of Admitted Student in a sentence

  • Once the proper admissions documents have been received, the hold will be removed and the student will be allowed to register for the following semester.2. Conditionally Admitted Student: one who has been admitted conditionally, at the discretion of the program director, withoutsatisfying all admission requirements.

  • DefermentAn applicant who is admitted to IYRS may choose to defer enrollment to a future term within one (1) year from the program start date to which the Admitted Student was originally admitted.

  • The deferment validates the Admissions Decision for that time period and will be conferred in writing from the Admissions Team to the Admitted Student.

  • Upon completion of the Admitted Student Information Session, the student must schedule an Advisement Session prior to registering for classes.

  • Student means an Admitted Student or an Enrolled Student, at the relevant time.

  • There is also a third spring event called Admitted Student Day, typically also held on a Saturday.

  • If you received notification that you have been accepted into the program, a Biomanufacturing Admitted Student Information Session must be completed before your program begins.

  • A modified form of Dry Week applies to the Admitted Student Program in spring.

  • Admitted Student: An applicant who submits all necessary paperwork and for whom an admission decision is generated.

  • Once the proper admissions documents have been received, the hold will be removed and the student will be allowed to register for the following semester.2. Conditionally Admitted Student: one who has been admitted conditionally, at the discretionof the program director, without satisfying all admission requirements.

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  • Program Patent Rights means any Patent Rights that contain one or more claims that cover Program Inventions.

  • Product Candidate means each biological and drug candidate, compound or other device or product being Developed, labeled, Manufactured, marketed, sold and/or distributed by a member of the Contributed Entity Group at any time prior to the Closing, or regarding which a member of the Contributed Entity Group has rights as of immediately prior to Closing, and including any such biological and drug candidate, compound or product that has received Marketing Approval.

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  • Development Candidate means a pre-clinical Licensed Product which possesses desirable properties of a therapeutic agent for the treatment of a clinical condition based on in vitro and animal proof-of-concept studies.

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  • Existing Products Tangible Products and intangible licensed Products which exist prior to the commencement of work under the Contract. Contractor retains the burden of proving that a particular product was existing before commencement of the Project. .

  • Covered Product means the eligible wireless device owned by you and for which the unique identification number (International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Electronic Serial Number (ESN), Mobile Equipment ID (MEID), or Serial Number) is on record with us when the Wireless Device first fails to operate properly. To be considered Covered Product, the wireless device must have logged outgoing airtime with your Wireless Service Provider after the request for coverage for the Covered Product and within sixty (60) days prior to reporting the Wireless Device failure, and for which You can provide Us proof of ownership.