Definition of 2022 Exchange Notes

2022 Exchange Notes means the senior debt securities issued by the Issuer under the Indenture containing terms identical to the 2022 Senior Notes (except that (i) interest thereon shall accrue from the last date on which interest was paid on the 2022 Senior Notes or, if no such interest has been paid, from January 25, 2019 and (ii) the transfer restrictions thereon shall be eliminated) to be offered to Holders of 2022 Senior Notes in exchange for 2022 Senior Notes pursuant to the Exchange Offer.

2022 Exchange Notes means the 2.773% Senior Notes due 2022, of the same series under the Indenture as the 2022 Notes, to be issued to Holders in exchange for 2022 Notes pursuant to this Agreement.

Examples of 2022 Exchange Notes in a sentence

The 2022 Exchange Notes will be offered in exchange for any and all outstanding unregistered 7.375% Senior Notes due 2022 (the “2022 Old Notes”).
The 2022 Exchange Notes will be issued pursuant to the 2022 Notes Indenture (as defined herein).
The 2022 Exchange Notes are substantially identical to the 2022 Old Notes.
When the 2022 Exchange Notes have been duly executed, authenticated, issued and delivered in accordance with the provisions of the 2022 Notes Indenture pursuant to the exchange offer described in the Registration Statement, the Company’s 2022 Notes Subsidiary Guarantee will be validly issued.
The term “Exchange Notes” refers collectively to the 2022 Exchange Notes, the 2023 Exchange Notes and the 2027 Exchange Notes.