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Xenoport Sales Representatives 
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  • Product Sales Subject to Sections 10.3(c) and 10.3(d), Licensee agrees that it will not sell, offer for sale, or assist third parties (including Affiliates) in selling Product except for the sale and offer for sale of (A) TAF Product, TAF Combination Product, TDF Product and TDF Combination Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the TDF-TAF Territory, (B) COBI Product and COBI Combination Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the COBI Territory, and (C) EVG Product, EVG Combination Product and Quad Product for use in the Field and in the countries of the EVG-Quad Territory.‌

  • Sublicensees Pfizer shall have the right to grant sublicenses to any sublicensee under all of its rights under the license granted pursuant to Section 2.1 or to subcontract its rights as provided under Section 6.6 at any given time during the Term in any part of the Territory; provided however that with respect to each such sublicense or subcontract, as applicable, (i) Auxilium shall be notified in writing at least twenty (20) business days in advance of the grant (including a description of the rights to be granted, the identity of the sublicensee or subcontractor and the countries involved), and (subject to Section 6.6) Pfizer shall obtain the prior written consent of Auxilium thereto, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, (ii) Pfizer shall ensure that each of its sublicensees and subcontractors accepts and complies with all applicable terms and conditions of this Agreement, and Pfizer shall remain responsible for, and shall guarantee, the performance of its sublicensees and subcontractors hereunder, and (iii) any such sublicense or subcontract shall (a) be subject and subordinate to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, (b) contain terms and conditions which are consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, (c) not in any way diminish, reduce or eliminate any of Pfizer’s obligations under this Agreement, and (d) impose on the sublicensee or subcontractor all applicable obligations under the terms of this Agreement, including the reporting, audit, inspection and confidentiality provisions hereunder, as well as a provision prohibiting such sublicensee or subcontractor from further sublicensing or subcontracting. For the avoidance of doubt, Pfizer will remain directly responsible for all amounts owed to Auxilium under this Agreement. Pfizer hereby expressly waives any requirement that Auxilium exhaust any right, power or remedy, or proceed against a sublicensee or subcontractor, for any obligation or performance hereunder prior to proceeding directly against Pfizer. ** CERTAIN INFORMATION IN THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN OMITTED AND WILL BE FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUEST.

  • Commercialization Intrexon shall have the right to develop and Commercialize the Reverted Products itself or with one or more Third Parties, and shall have the right, without obligation to Fibrocell, to take any such actions in connection with such activities as Intrexon (or its designee), at its discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Development Activities The Development activities referred to in item “b” of paragraph 3.1 include: studies and projects of implementation of the Production facilities; drilling and completion of the Producing and injection xxxxx; and installation of equipment and vessels for extraction, collection, Treatment, storage, and transfer of Oil and Gas. The installation referred to in item “c” includes, but is not limited to, offshore platforms, pipelines, Oil and Gas Treatment plants, equipment and facilities for measurement of the inspected Production, wellhead equipment, production pipes, flow lines, tanks, and other facilities exclusively intended for extraction, as well as oil and gas pipelines for Production Outflow and their respective compressor and pumping stations.

  • Licensed Products Lessee will obtain no title to Licensed Products which will at all times remain the property of the owner of the Licensed Products. A license from the owner may be required and it is Lessee's responsibility to obtain any required license before the use of the Licensed Products. Lessee agrees to treat the Licensed Products as confidential information of the owner, to observe all copyright restrictions, and not to reproduce or sell the Licensed Products.

  • Manufacturing and Marketing Rights The Company has not granted rights to manufacture, produce, assemble, license, market, or sell its products to any other person and is not bound by any agreement that affects the Company's exclusive right to develop, manufacture, assemble, distribute, market, or sell its products.

  • Research Program 2.1 University will use reasonable efforts to conduct the Research Program described in Attachment A which is hereby incorporated in full by reference (“Research Program”), and will furnish the facilities necessary to carry out said Research Program. The Research Program will be under the direction of _____________________ (“Principal Investigator”), or his or her successor as mutually agreed to by the Parties and will be con­ducted by the Principal Investigator at the University.

  • Third Party Services Any services required for or contemplated by the performance of the above-referenced services by the Administrator to be provided by unaffiliated third parties (including independent auditors’ fees and counsel fees) may, if provided for or otherwise contemplated by the Financing Order and if the Issuer deems it necessary or desirable, be arranged by the Issuer or by the Administrator at the direction (which may be general or specific) of the Issuer. Costs and expenses associated with the contracting for such third-party professional services may be paid directly by the Issuer or paid by the Administrator and reimbursed by the Issuer in accordance with Section 2, or otherwise as the Administrator and the Issuer may mutually arrange.

  • Manufacturing Services Jabil will manufacture the Product in accordance with the Specifications and any applicable Build Schedules. Jabil will reply to each proposed Build Schedule that is submitted in accordance with the terms of this Agreement by notifying Company of its acceptance or rejection within three (3) business days of receipt of any proposed Build Schedule. In the event of Jabil’s rejection of a proposed Build Schedule, Jabil’s notice of rejection will specify the basis for such rejection. When requested by Company, and subject to appropriate fee and cost adjustments, Jabil will provide Additional Services for existing or future Product manufactured by Jabil. Company shall be solely responsible for the sufficiency and adequacy of the Specifications [***].

  • Services and Third Party Materials A. The tvOS Software may enable access to Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store, Game Center, iCloud and other Apple and third party services, and web sites (collectively and individually, “Services”). Such Services may not be available in all languages or in all countries. Use of these Services requires Internet access and use of certain Services may require an Apple ID, may require you to accept additional terms and may be subject to additional fees. By using this software in connection with an Apple ID, or other Apple Service, you agree to the applicable terms of service for that Service, such as the latest iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which you may access and review at xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxx/legal/itunes/ ww/.