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Commercialization and Promotion. 5.1 Commercialization
Commercialization and Promotion. 5.1Harmony Commercialization.
Commercialization and Promotion 

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  • Marketing and Promotion agrees to: . Provide commercially reasonable technical support during normal business hours to help Company link the Company Site to the Images produced on behalf of Sales Agents; . Promote Company as a partner on's Web site; . Include Company in marketing material and press releases, as deems appropriate; . Provide co-branded marketing materials to Sales Agents who purchase Tours that explains Tours to customers, including CD ROM demo disks; . Offer a special bulk purchase price and a special promotional offer at office presentations made by representatives to Sales Agents during the first sixty (60) days of this agreement; and Confidential treatment has been requested for portions of this exhibit. The copy filed herewith omits the information subject to the confidentiality request. Omissions are designated as *****. A complete version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. . Hold periodic training seminars for Sales Agents focusing on the benefits of using the Internet in real estate and methods of integrating Tours into the Sales Agents' marketing strategy. Company agrees to: . Ensure that an HTML button and the corresponding URL provided by will be located on an individual Company listing page within 24 hours from receiving the URL link from; . Include an electronic order form on the Company Site that allows Sales Agents to submit orders to via the Interact; . Maintain a gallery of Images on the Company Site; . When appropriate, include a Xxxx and a brief, suitable reference to the availability of the Production Services in the Company's print advertising in magazines, flyers, newsletters and general mailings distributed to clients and potential clients; collaborate with to develop email and direct marketing material generated from time to time to highlight the availability and features of the Production Services; and distribute marketing materials created by at seminars, presentations, training sessions and follow-up meetings sponsored by Company; and . Ensure sales representatives have access to Sales Agents within the first 60 days of this agreement.

  • Commercialization Plan The Commercialization Plan will contain in reasonable detail the major Commercialization activities and the timelines for achieving such activities. Zai will deliver an initial Commercialization Plan to the JSC for review and discussion no later than 12 months prior to the anticipated date of the first filing of the first Regulatory Approval for a Licensed Product in the Territory. Thereafter, from time to time, but at least every 12 months, Zai will propose updates or amendments to the Commercialization Plan in consultation with Paratek to reflect changes in such plans, including those in response to changes in the marketplace, relative success of the Licensed Product, and other relevant factors influencing such plan and activities, and submit such proposed updated or amended plan to the JSC for review, discussion, and approval. In accordance with Section 3.2(b), the JSC will review and discuss any updates or amendments to the Commercialization Plan.