Utilisation Request Sample Clauses

Utilisation Request. The Borrower may utilise the Facility by delivery to the Lender of a duly completed Utilisation Request not later two (2) Business Days prior to the proposed Utilisation Date and Lender shall make the Loan available in immediately available funds by close of business (New York City time) on the Utilisation Date.
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Utilisation Request. Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement and/or the relevant Incremental Term Facility Commitment Agreement, an Incremental Term Facility Advance will be made by the Lenders to the Borrower at the Borrower’s request if the Agent has received at any time after the Syndication Date from the Borrower a duly completed Utilisation Request in relation to an Incremental Term Facility Advance not later than 10.00 a.m. on a day which is no more than 10 nor less than 3 Business Days prior to the proposed Utilisation Date for such Advance stating:
Utilisation Request. The Borrower may request a Loan by giving the Bank, via a method as approved by the Bank, a duly completed and duly executed Utilisation Request substantially in the form of Schedule Utilisation Request. A Utilisation Request must be given to the Bank no later than 15:30 Central European Time on the first Business Day after the Rate Fixing Day of the relevant Loan. A Utilisation Request is irrevocable.
Utilisation Request. (a) To utilise the Facility, the Borrower shall give to the Facility Agent a duly completed Utilisation Request:
Utilisation Request. The Relevant Borrower shall have delivered to each Facility Agent and to the Intercreditor Agent an electronic copy of a Utilisation Request in accordance with Clause 4.
Utilisation Request. (a) The first Utilisation Request by the Borrower shall be accompanied by a Note corresponding to the initial amount of Loan requested under facility A. If the Borrower fails to complete the Note then it irrevocably authorises the Lender to complete and sign a Note in the appropriate amount on its behalf.
Utilisation Request. The Utilisation Request, duly completed and duly executed by an Authorised Person.
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Utilisation Request. The Borrower may not deliver the Utilisation Request unless:
Utilisation Request. All information, attachments, certifications and other supporting documents required by the Utilisation Request, all appropriately completed and duly executed by an authorised signatory of the Borrower or the Company, including:
Utilisation Request. From: [The Borrower] To: [—] as Agent Dated: Dear Sirs GFI Joint Venture Holdings Proprietary Limited, Gold Fields Orogen Holding (BVI) Limited and Gold Fields Operations Limited – $900,000,000 Credit Facilities Agreement dated 28 November 2012, as amended and restated pursuant to the Syndication and Amendment Agreement (the “Agreement”)
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