Selection Notice Sample Clauses

Selection Notice. A Selection Notice to be effective must be:
Selection Notice. From: [Borrower]* To: [Facility Agent] Dated: Dear Sirs €80,000,000 super senior facilities agreement dated 25 July 2014 as amended and restated on 19 June 2017 between, among others, Unitymedia Hessen GmbH (as Original Borrower), Unitymedia GmbH (formerly Unitymedia KabelBW GmbH), Unitymedia NRW GmbH, Unitymedia Management GmbH, Unitymedia Hessen Verwaltung GmbH and Unitymedia BW GmbH (formerly Xxxxx XX GmbH) (as Original Guarantors), and the Financial Institutions listed therein (as Original Lenders), The Bank of Nova Scotia (as Facility Agent) and Credit Suisse AG, London Branch (as Security Trustee) (the Facilities Agreement)
Selection Notice. From: Studio City Company Limited as Borrower To: [Agent] Date: Dear Sirs Studio City Company Limited—Facilities Agreement originally dated 28 January 2013 (as amended and amended and restated from time to time) (the “Facilities Agreement”)
Selection Notice. APPLICABLE TO A FACILITY A LOAN From: [Name of relevant Borrower] To: DNB Bank ASA Dated: Dear Sirs Marine Harvest ASA - €775,000,000 Facility Agreement dated [ ] (the “Agreement”)
Selection Notice. APPLICABLE TO A LOAN From: [Company] and [Borrower] To: [Facility Agent] Dated: Dear Sirs [COMPANY] - €500,000,000 Bond Bridge Facility Agreement dated [ ] (the “Agreement”)
Selection Notice. From: [Borrower] To: [Facility Agent] Dated: Dear Sirs Xstrata (Schweiz) AG — $2,500,000,000 Dual Currency Term Loan Facilities Agreement dated [ ] (the "Agreement")
Selection Notice. Applicable to a Facility A Term Loan, a Facility B Loan or a Facility C Loan From: [Borrower] [Company]* To: [Agent] Dated: Dear Sirs CEMEX – US$6,000,000,000 Acquisition Facilities Agreement dated 6 December 2006 (as amended) (the “Facilities Agreement”)
Selection Notice. From: [ ], [ ] and [ ] To: [name of Agent] Dated: Dear Sirs [ ], [ ] and[ ]– USD 141,000,000 Facility Agreement dated 22 July 2014 (the "Agreement")
Selection Notice. Xxxxxxxxxxxx shall select the Mining Area by delivering to the Crow Tribe written notice, in the manner set forth herein, providing the legal description of the tract selected. The mining tract described in the notice shall constitute the Mining Area. The Mining Area shall be identified and by addendum attached to the Coal Lease.