Borrowing Sample Clauses

Borrowing. Upon receipt of Proper Instructions, the Custodian shall deliver securities of a Portfolio to lenders or their agents, or otherwise establish a segregated account as agreed to by the applicable Fund on behalf of such Portfolio and the Custodian, as collateral for borrowings effected by such Portfolio, provided that such borrowed money is payable by the lender (a) to or upon the Custodian's order, as Custodian for such Portfolio, and (b) concurrently with delivery of such securities.
Borrowing. The Company may borrow for Company purposes from any source upon such terms and conditions as the Chief Manager may determine. The Chief Manager shall and hereby is empowered to execute and deliver on behalf of the Company any and all promissory notes, security agreements, deeds of trust and other documents and instruments required by the lender in connection therewith.
Borrowing. 4.34 Except as permitted in the Academies Financial Handbook, the Academy Trust must not borrow against Publicly Funded Assets, or so as to put Publicly Funded Assets at risk, without the Secretary of State’s consent.
Borrowing. No Company shall create, incur or have outstanding any Indebtedness of any kind; provided that this Section 5.8 shall not apply to the following:
Borrowing. Borrower will not create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any liability for Borrowed Money except: (i) indebtedness to Lender; (ii) indebtedness of Borrower secured by mortgages, encumbrances or liens expressly permitted by Section 7.3 hereof; (iii) accounts payable to trade creditors and current operating expenses (other than for borrowed money) which are not aged more than one hundred twenty (120) days from the billing date or more than thirty (30) days from the due date, in each case incurred in the ordinary course of business and paid within such time period, unless the same are being contested in good faith and by appropriate and lawful proceedings, and Borrower shall have set aside such reserves, if any, with respect thereto as are required by GAAP and deemed adequate by Borrower and its independent accountants; and (iv) borrowings incurred in the ordinary course of its business and not exceeding $250,000.00 in the aggregate outstanding at any one time. Borrower will not make prepayments on any existing or future indebtedness for Borrowed Money to any Person (other than Lender, to the extent permitted by this Agreement or any subsequent agreement between Borrower and Lender).
Borrowing. The CTA shall not use borrowed money to leverage any trades, unless otherwise approved by the General Partner. EXHIBIT B COMMODITY TRADING AUTHORITY Dear Chesapeake Capital Corporation: Mxxxxx Sxxxxxx Managed Futures Chesapeake I, LLC (the “Trading Company”) and Demeter Management Corporation, the Trading Company’s Trading Manager (the “Trading Manager”) do hereby make, constitute and appoint you as the Trading Company’s attorney-in-fact to buy and sell futures and forward contracts through such futures commission merchants as shall be agreed on by you and the Trading Manager on behalf of the Trading Company, pursuant to the trading program identified in the Agreement among the Trading Company, the Trading Manger and you as of the ____ day of _________, 2007, as amended or supplemented, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of said Agreement. This authorization shall terminate and be null, void and of no further effect simultaneously with the termination of the said Agreement. Very truly yours, MXXXXX SXXXXXX MANAGED FUTURES CHESAPEAKE I, LLC by Demeter Management Corporation Trading Manager By Wxxxxx Xxxxx Chairman and President DEMETER MANAGEMENT CORPORATION By Wxxxxx Xxxxx Chairman and President EXHIBIT C FUTURES INTERESTS TRADED
Borrowing. The borrowing limit for any FUND is 33 1/3 percent of total assets. Entering into a reverse repurchase agreement shall be considered "borrowing" as that term is used herein. FOREIGN INVESTMENTS - DIVERSIFICATION The diversification guidelines to be followed by international and global FUNDS are as follows:
Borrowing. The costs of borrowing any sums required for the provision of the Estate Services at normal commercial rates available in the open market or if any such sums are loaned by the Landlord or a Group Company of the Landlord interest at Base Rate. 17 VAT Irrecoverable VAT on any of the foregoing.