Used Lumber Sample Clauses

Used Lumber. An employee who is actually engaged in the handling of used lumber, 25% or more of which contains nails or spikes, and such lumber is being utilized for grainlining or other construction work shall be paid the applicable commodity or job differential. Hourly Differential – 15¢

Related to Used Lumber

  • Utilization Management Case management means a care management plan developed for a Member whose diagnosis requires timely coordination. All benefits, including travel and lodging, are limited to Covered Services that are Medically Necessary and set forth in the EOC. KFHPWA may review a Member's medical records for the purpose of verifying delivery and coverage of services and items. Based on a prospective, concurrent or retrospective review, KFHPWA may deny coverage if, in its determination, such services are not Medically Necessary. Such determination shall be based on established clinical criteria and may require Preauthorization. KFHPWA will not deny coverage retroactively for services with Preauthorization and which have already been provided to the Member except in the case of an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact by the patient, Member, or provider of services, or if coverage was obtained based on inaccurate, false, or misleading information provided on the enrollment application, or for nonpayment of premiums.