TSP Sample Clauses

TSP. The TSP shall be presented to employees on a “window-period” basis, as determined by the Employer.
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TSP. The Parties will use reasonable effort to agree the trading services terms and procedures, starting from the standard form attached hereto at Exhibit C, within ninety (90) days of the Effective Date.
TSP. SUPPLIER shall comply with the TSP, a copy of which is attached hereto as ANNEX 5.

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  • SERVICES TO THE COMPANY In consideration of the Company’s covenants and obligations hereunder, Indemnitee will serve or continue to serve as an officer, director, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as applicable, for so long as Indemnitee is duly elected or appointed or retained or until Indemnitee tenders his or her resignation or until Indemnitee is removed. The foregoing notwithstanding, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect after Indemnitee has ceased to serve as a director, officer, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as provided in Section 17. This Agreement, however, shall not impose any obligation on Indemnitee or the Company to continue Indemnitee’s service to the Company beyond any period otherwise required by law or by other agreements or commitments of the parties, if any.

  • Internet Services Transfer Agent shall make available to Fund and Shareholders, through its web sites, including but not limited to xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx (collectively, “Web Site”), online access to certain Account and Shareholder information and certain transaction capabilities (“Internet Services”), subject to Transfer Agent’s security procedures and the terms and conditions set forth herein and on the Web Site. Transfer Agent provides Internet Services “as is,” on an “as available” basis, and hereby specifically disclaims any and all representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding such Internet Services, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. Transfer Agent shall at all times use reasonable care in performing Internet Services under this Agreement.

  • Contract Management To ensure full performance of the Contract and compliance with applicable law, the System Agency may take actions including:

  • Telecommunications Services The offering of telecommunications for a fee directly to the public, or to such classes of users as to be effectively available directly to the public, regardless of the facilities used.

  • Services to the Corporation Agent will serve, at the will of the Corporation or under separate contract, if any such contract exists, as a director of the Corporation or as a director, officer or other fiduciary of an affiliate of the Corporation (including any employee benefit plan of the Corporation) faithfully and to the best of his ability so long as he is duly elected and qualified in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws or other applicable charter documents of the Corporation or such affiliate; provided, however, that Agent may at any time and for any reason resign from such position (subject to any contractual obligation that Agent may have assumed apart from this Agreement) and that the Corporation or any affiliate shall have no obligation under this Agreement to continue Agent in any such position.

  • IBM Credit may in its sole discretion from time to time decide the amount of credit IBM Credit extends to Customer, notwithstanding any prior course of conduct between IBM Credit and Customer. IBM Credit may combine all of its advances to make one debt owed by Customer.

  • Red Flags Services (1) The provisions of this Section 3(c) (the “Red Flags Section”) shall apply in the event the Fund elects to receive the “Red Flags Services”, which are hereby defined to mean the following services:

  • Exclusive Services Executive shall at all times faithfully, industriously and to the best of his or her ability, experience and talent perform to the satisfaction of the Board and the CEO all of the duties that may be assigned to Executive hereunder and shall devote substantially all of his or her productive time and efforts to the performance of such duties. Subject to the terms of the Employee Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreement referred to in Section 5(b), this shall not preclude Executive from devoting time to personal and family investments or serving on community and civic boards, or participating in industry associations, provided such activities do not interfere with his or her duties to the Company, as determined in good faith by the CEO. Executive agrees that he or she will not join any boards, other than community and civic boards (which do not interfere with his or her duties to the Company), without the prior approval of the CEO.

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