Time for Sample Clauses

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  • Calendar Day Any day shown on the calendar beginning at midnight and ending at midnight the following day. If no designation of calendar or working day is made, “day” shall mean calendar day.

  • Time for Completion The Contractor shall deliver the material and/or services called for in the specifications/proposal and within the delivery time specified and in accordance with the terms of the contract. Work shall be completed within 30 days from the Notice to Proceed issued by the City of Sparks Purchasing Division. The Contractor shall not alter or vary any terms or conditions contained or incorporated herein, including but not limited to, the quantity, price, delivery date or date designated as After Receipt of Order (ARO) or date for commencement or completion of services as mutually agreed upon, unless such alteration or variation is consented to in writing by a duly authorized representative of the City. The City reserves the right to cancel resultant Contract upon ten days written notice in the event the type and quality of the product or work performance is unsatisfactory or in default, subject to Contractor’s right to cure as outlined in termination clause. This is a non-exclusive Contract and the City reserves the right to acquire the material and/or services at its discretion, from other sources during the term of this Contract.

  • Service Commencement Date The date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Section 15.3 or Section 29.1 under the Tariff.

  • Time Frame All waiver requests must be presented in writing to the faculty not less than three (3) work days before the official secret ballot vote is conducted. The parties agree that the faculty cannot vote on a waiver addressing the same issue more than once each semester.

  • Planning for Future Years (a) Advance Notice. The Funder will give at least 60 Days’ Notice to the HSP of the date by which a Planning Submission, approved by the HSP’s governing body, must be submitted to the Funder.

  • Calendar Days Any reference to the word “day” or “days” herein shall mean calendar day or calendar days, respectively, unless otherwise expressly provided.

  • Time Period The bounded Party’s(ies’) duty to hold the Confidential Information in confidence shall remain in effect until such information no longer qualifies as a trade secret or written notice is given releasing such Party from this Agreement.

  • EXTENSION OF TIME FOR COMPLETION Add at the end of Sub-Clause 44.1 the following: “Neither rains falling within the rainy seasons as occurs in Kenya nor floods caused by such rains shall be deemed exceptional weather conditions such as may fairly entitle the Contractor to an extension of time for the completion of the work.”

  • Calendar Applications/nominations of incoming students must reach the receiving institution by (the deadlines indicated herewith are not final and different dates might apply and can be agreed upon): Country Nominations Applications FROM TO Autumn term Spring term Autumn term Spring term CZ DE 15 June 15 December 15 June 15 December DE CZ 31 May 1 November 15 May 15 November Application procedure for incoming students Country Contact e-mail Contact phone Website for information FROM TO CZ DE xxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx.xx/gaststudis/index.html.en DE CZ xxxx://xxx.xxxx.xx/incoming-erasmus-general-info Additional requirements Country Requirement Details Website for information FROM TO CZ DE --- --- --- DE CZ --- --- --- The receiving institution will send its decision within 5 weeks after the deadline for mobility to DE and within 4 weeks after the deadline for mobility to CZ.

  • Pre-Commencement Phase Services The services required to be provided by the Contractor for the Pre- Commencement Phase of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents.