The Procurement Process Sample Clauses

The Procurement Process. The following key dates apply to this RfP:
The Procurement Process. All quotations have been sourced from the Crown Commercial Services framework, Lot 1 (Hardware) Technology Products 2 (RM 3733).
The Procurement Process. The invitation to tender was issued through the Chest as a mini-competition from Lot 3 of the Crown Commercial Services Technology Products 2 framework RM3733. 19 suppliers were invited to bid and 1 response was received. The bid was evaluated against quality and cost aspects and satisfied all the requirements set out in the specification.
The Procurement Process. Sebetlene (2017) has identified problems with the TVET colleges’ procurement process which were described as inflexible and stringent. The procurement process involved red tape that was followed in the procurement of material resources. For example, the lecturers had to complete requisition forms and submit them to various people before it was finally processed, and such requisition processes caused delays. There were also challenges in the management of the procurement process which impacted negatively on the supply of educational resources and the strategies to mitigate these challenges (Tezera, 2017; Wilson, 2019). The other challengesincluded the lack of competency in implementing procurement procedures and compliance with policies and regulations (Wilson, 2019).
The Procurement Process. The following key dates apply to this RfP: Estimated Contract Award Date12 February 2021
The Procurement Process. The framework arrangement procurement process in PPPDS involved follows a number of predetermined activities which are described below:
The Procurement Process. Strategies to mitigate the procurement process and the management of the procurement processeschallenges include the following: The need for TVET college supply chain policyto be reviewed; The training of unit managers and role players; Proper Procurement Management Plans and Budget Procurement Plan. Budget approval was identified in the literature to be highly ineffective in the college and this impacts the procurement of goods and services. Therefore, some strategies recommended in the literature include the college management putting plans in place to improve the development of procurement plans (Wilson, 2019). All role players in the procurement management process should be equally represented including unit managers, support staff and senior management (Wilson, 2019). The CFO should make the budget available to all cost centre managers so they can develop realistic procurement plans; Development of policies and procedures that are aligned with the National Treasury (Wilson, 2019). Colleges need to ensure that policies and procedure manuals implemented are in line with the National Treasury requirements (Wilson, 2019). The decentralisation of college structures to facilitate the devolved decision-making processes relating to the procurement process management for better responsiveness to the needs of the campus is suggested (Bush, 2008; Ikoya, 2008; Thai, 2001; Wilson, 2019).
The Procurement Process. 8.1 The following strategy will be employed regarding the acquisition of materials and services:
The Procurement Process. As part of the due diligence of checking that the Council was receiving the most competitive rates available through the CCS framework, the user guidance was followed which required the Council to undertake a desktop evaluation of the three providers on the framework. Contact was made with CCS who provided pricing spreadsheets for the 3 suppliers on the framework. After entering the councils card processing volumes and values the estimated costs for 12 months of the 3 providers could be compared. £ Supplier 1 103,446 Supplier 2 94,190 Global pay 79,794 These represent a saving of approx. £39k per annum against the current contract cost of £119,165 (excludes chip and pin costs). The contract would be for 3 years with 2 options to extend for a further 12 months to be approved by Strategic DirectorService Reform. The start date of the contract would need to be determined after consultation with the council’s supplier of its income management software as some configuration work would be required to use the new merchant provider. Once a start date for the switch over has been confirmed there would be a 4-week lead in period and the cost of the switch would be £5k, however this cost would be recouped in the first months of the new contract.