Owners Sample Clauses

Owners. Prior to due presentment of this Security for registration of transfer, the Company, the Trustee and any agent of the Company or the Trustee may treat the Person in whose name this Security is registered as the owner hereof for all purposes, whether or not this Security is overdue, and neither the Company, the Trustee nor any such agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary.
Owners. This Agreement has been entered into by Seller in reliance upon, and in consideration of, the personal qualifications, expertise, reputation, integrity, experience, ability and representations with respect thereto of the Principal Owner(s) named in the Final Article of this Agreement and in reliance upon Dealer's representations concerning the ownership of Dealer as follows:
Owners. REPRESENTATIVE The Owner's representative shall be fully acquainted with the Project; agrees to furnish the information and services required of the Owner pursuant to Section 4.1 in a timely manner; and shall have authority to bind the Owner in all matters requiring the Owner's approval, authorization, or written notice. If the Owner changes its representative or his/her authority, the Owner shall immediately notify the Design Professional in writing.
Owners. Representative It is understood and agreed by and between the Parties hereto, that the Work included in this Agreement is subject to the direction of the Owner and/or its representatives as defined in the applicable Prime Contract (hereinafter the Owner’s Representative”). The decision of the Owner’s Representative as to the construction and meaning of the drawings and specifications shall be final, and shall be binding upon Subcontractor to the same extent as it is upon the Contractor provided, however, that Owner’s Representative shall have no authority to resolve any question or dispute as to the scope of Subcontractor's Work under this Agreement or the interpretation of this Agreement. It is also understood and agreed by and between the Parties hereto, that such additional drawings and explanations as may be necessary to detail and illustrate the Work to be done, may be furnished by said Owner’s Representative, and both Parties hereto agree to conform to, and abide by the same, in so far as they may be consistent with the same purpose and intent of the original drawings and specifications.
Owners. VENDORS Shall mean all of the First Parties collectively herein holding rights of ownership on the entire land under the First Schedule and includes each of their legal successors and where the context so permits refer to only such of them as is/are concerned with the relevant matter/issue.
Owners. Any qualified Owner who, after the date on which he became an Owner, becomes disqualified and/or any unqualified Owner, shall promptly notify the Association and Declarant in writing of such disqualification and shall within four months (defined herein as 120 days) of the event of disqualification either (1) sell and transfer, pursuant to and subject to the requirements of Section 1(a) of Article XIV, such Owner’s entire ownership interest in his Condominium, or (2) make an Offer to Declarant and Association, pursuant to Section 1(b) of Article XIV, to sell Owner’s Condominium.
Owners. The Required Beginning Date of a Participant who is a 5% owner during any year beginning after December 31, 1979, is the first day of April following the later of:
Owners. The composition of members of the Contributor Affiliate on the Closing Date shall be the same as on the Contract Date.
Owners. The following list includes the full name of each person who is one of your owners (as defined in the Franchise Agreement), or an owner of one of your owners, and fully describes the nature of each owner’s interest (attach additional pages if necessary). Owner’s Name Percentage/Description of Interest