Termination of the License Agreement Sample Clauses

Termination of the License Agreement. Owner reserves and shall have the absolute right in its sole and unfettered discretion, at any time and without the consent or approval of (but with notice to) Manager, to terminate the License Agreement, provided, however, that (i) Owner shall have no such right in order to establish its own independent operations, such as an operation without a franchise or license or in its own hotel name; (ii) in the event of such a termination by Owner, Manager shall have the right of approval (which right shall be reasonably exercised) of any new franchise or license for the Hotel; and (iii) if Owner's decision to terminate the License Agreement is made without the consent of Manager, then the provisions of Section 18.2 of this Agreement shall no longer apply.
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Termination of the License Agreement. This Agreement shall automatically terminate without requirement of notice by any party hereto, and without being necessary to obtain a court or governmental resolution, upon termination of the License Agreement in respect of the Trademarks between the Proprietor and the Licensor.
Termination of the License Agreement. Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon delivery of written notice if the other Party rightfully terminates the License Agreement or is in breach of the License Agreement and fails to remedy such breach according to the terms of the License Agreement.
Termination of the License Agreement. In the event the License Agreement is earlier terminated prior to the expiration of the License Term, for any reason other than by Cypress pursuant to Section 14.2(a)(i) or (ii) thereof, then this Agreement shall be terminated without any further act or notice and Cypress shall no longer have any right to use the Trademarks in the Licensed Territory. In the event that the License Agreement is terminated by Xxxxxx Xxxxx pursuant to Section 14.2(a)(i) of the License Agreement and this Agreement is terminated pursuant to Section 1.12(b)(i), then any sublicenses granted under Section 1.3 shall survive the termination of the Term and become direct licenses from Xxxxxx Xxxxx under this Agreement.
Termination of the License Agreement. (1) The license holder may terminate this agreement by giving sixty (60) days written notice to the city. To coincide with, or prior to any termination event by license holder, all stand(s), storage unit(s) and beach rental equipment or any other business-related items shall be removed from the granted location and/or city property.
Termination of the License Agreement. 6.1 The Licensor may terminate this License Agreement with immediate effect if you commit a material breach of the License Agreement.
Termination of the License Agreement. If the licensee violates any provision of this contract, then STRATOLABS, Christian Benz owner may terminate this License Agreement without notice. After termination of the contract, the licensee for the use of the product no longer justified. At the time of termination of the contract is to destroy the licensee Committed to the product in his possession as well as working and backup copies.
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Termination of the License Agreement. This Sublicense will terminate simultaneously with the termination of the License Agreement. DHCM will promptly give the Fund written notice of such termination.
Termination of the License Agreement. The License Agreement is hereby ------------------------------------ terminated. None of the Parties shall have any remaining obligations under the JV Agreement, except with respect to (a) liabilities that have accrued thereunder prior to the date hereof and (b) obligations expressly described in the License Agreement as obligations that survive termination of the License Agreement.
Termination of the License Agreement. In the event of termination of the License Agreement, either as a result of a breach by BBC or as a result of BBC's failure to renew the License Agreement, the undersigned parties agree that, as long as L.A. Gear is continuing to sell the Licensed Product at that time, they will negotiate in good faith a license agreement granting L.A. Gear rights to the '621 Patent under terms and conditions similar to those set forth in the License Agreement. Until such an agreement is finally executed and in effect, Solefound hereby grants L.A. Gear an interim license to the '621 Patent on the same terms and conditions as are set forth in the License Agreement.
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