Syndicate Sample Clauses

Syndicate. (a) The Representatives agrees that it shall use its best efforts to be qualified to sell securities to purchasers in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico either through its own brokers or through qualified and/or licensed by NASD.
Syndicate. For the purpose of construing references in this Agreement to a syndicate, unless the context otherwise requires, the several groups of members to which in successive years a particular syndicate number is assigned by the Council of Lloyd’s shall be treated as the same syndicate notwithstanding that they may not comprise the same members with the same premium income limits.
Syndicate. As lead underwriter and sole bookrunner for the IPO, Newbridge shall organize a syndicate and underwriting syndicate with registered broker dealers that are mutually acceptable to both Newbridge and the Company. Furthermore, upon the mutual agreement of Newbridge and the Company, Newbridge may relinquish the lead position to another registered broker dealer.
Syndicate. When a group of banks and/or brokers grant a loan or underwrite and distribute a new issue of securities. By extension, can also refer to a group of banks or securities firms who are involved in a Eurocredit or Eurobond issue. See security, syndicated loan and lead bank. SYNDICATED LOAN A loan agreement or an agreement on the issue of securities granted by a syndicate of banks or by banks in association. See syndicate.
Syndicate. The Purchasers shall have arranged for committed investment hereunder by a syndicate in minimum amount of $15,000,000.

Related to Syndicate

  • Joint Venture Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as creating a joint venture, partnership, agency or employment relationship between Plan and Controlled Affiliate or between either and BCBSA.

  • Consortium The NYS Contract Prices and discounts (i.e., Base Item NYS Contract Price, Optional Equipment NYS Contract Prices, Additional Body Section NYS Contract Price, and Additional Options NYS Discount), for each applicable Item, shall be identical for each individual Contractor participating in a Consortium, and each Contractor shall provide the Item(s) under the Contract for the Consortium price. Each Contractor participating in a Consortium shall be responsible for orders of the applicable Item(s) placed under the Contract for the NYS Counties identified in the Contract. OGS reserves the right to cancel all Contracts resulting from a Consortium if one or more of the Contractors cannot fulfill the requirements of their individual Contract.

  • Partnership We believe that by working with others who share our aspirations for young children, we can maximize every child’s readiness for kindergarten and success in life.

  • Association Establishment and all other expenses of the Association and also similar expenses of the Maintenance In-charge looking after the common purposes, until handing over the same to the Association.

  • Investment Management Authority In the event the Manager wishes to render investment management services directly to a Series, then with respect to any such Series, the Manager, subject to the supervision of the Fund's Board of Directors, will provide a continuous investment program for the Series' portfolio and determine the composition of the assets of the Series' portfolio, including determination of the purchase, retention, or sale of the securities, cash, and other investments contained in the portfolio. The Manager will provide investment research and conduct a continuous program of evaluation, investment, sales, and reinvestment of the Series' assets by determining the securities and other investments that shall be purchased, entered into, sold, closed, offered to the public, or exchanged for the Series, when these transactions should be executed, and what portion of the assets of the Series should be held in the various securities and other investments in which it may invest, and the Manager is hereby authorized to execute and perform such services on behalf of the Series. To the extent permitted by the investment policies of the Series, the Manager shall make decisions for the Series as to foreign currency matters and make determinations as to, and execute and perform, foreign currency exchange contracts on behalf of the Series. The Manager will provide the services under this Agreement in accordance with the Series' investment objective or objectives, policies, and restrictions as stated in the Fund's Registration Statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), as amended. Furthermore:

  • Joint Enterprise Each Borrower has requested that Agent and Lenders make this credit facility available to Borrowers on a combined basis, in order to finance Borrowers’ business most efficiently and economically. Borrowers’ business is a mutual and collective enterprise, and the successful operation of each Borrower is dependent upon the successful performance of the integrated group. Borrowers believe that consolidation of their credit facility will enhance the borrowing power of each Borrower and ease administration of the facility, all to their mutual advantage. Borrowers acknowledge that Agent’s and Lenders’ willingness to extend credit and to administer the Collateral on a combined basis hereunder is done solely as an accommodation to Borrowers and at Borrowers’ request.

  • Management; Community Policies Owner may retain employees and management agents from time to time to manage the Property, and Owner’s agent may retain other employees or contractors. Resident, on behalf of himself or herself and his or her Guests, agrees to comply fully with all directions from Owner and its employees and agents, and the rules and regulations (including all amendments and additions thereto, except those that substantially modify the Resident’s bargain and to which Resident timely objects) as contained in this Housing Agreement and the Community Policies of the Property. The Community Policies are available at or on request from the management office and are considered part of this Housing Agreement.

  • Not a Joint Venture Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating or constituting the relationship of the partnership, joint venture (or other association of any kind or agent/principal relationship) between the parties hereto. No party, unless otherwise specifically provided for herein, has the authority to enter into any agreement or create an obligation or liability on behalf of, in the name of, or binding upon, another party to this Agreement.

  • Arranger Each of the parties to this Agreement acknowledges that, other than any rights and duties explicitly assigned to Arranger under this Agreement, Arranger does not have any obligations hereunder and shall not be responsible or accountable to any other party hereto for any action or failure to act hereunder. Without limiting the foregoing, Arranger shall not have or be deemed to have any fiduciary relationship with any Lender. Each Lender acknowledges that it has not relied, and will not rely, on Arranger in deciding to enter into this Agreement or in taking or not taking action hereunder.

  • Teachers An individual who is a resident of a Contracting State immediately before making a visit to the other Contracting State, and who, at the invitation of any university, college, school or other similar educational institution, which is recognised by the competent authority in that other Contracting State, visits that other Contracting State for a period not exceeding two years solely for the purpose of teaching or research or both at such educational institution shall be exempt from tax in that other Contracting State on his remuneration for such teaching or research.