THE ROYAL Sample Clauses

THE ROYAL. BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC as security trustee of the Finance Parties (the “Security Trustee”); and
THE ROYAL. BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC as agent of the other Finance Parties (the “Agent”); and

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  • One Royalty No more than one royalty payment shall be due with ----------- respect to a sale of a particular Licensed Product. No multiple royalties shall be payable because any Licensed Product, or its manufacture, use or sale is covered by more than one Valid Claim. No royalty shall be payable under this Article 3 with respect to Licensed Products distributed for use in research and/or development, in clinical trials or as promotional samples.

  • Single Royalty Only a single royalty payment shall be due and payable on Net Sales of a Licensed Product or performance of a Licensed Service, regardless if such Licensed Product or Licensed Service is Covered by more than one Valid Claim.

  • Minimum Royalty At the beginning of each calendar year during the term of this Agreement, beginning January 1, 2016, Company shall pay to Medical School a minimum royalty of {***}. If the actual royalty payments to Medical School in any calendar year are less than the minimum royalty payment required for that year, Company shall have the right to pay Medical School the difference between the actual royalty payment and the minimum royalty payment in full satisfaction of its obligations under this Section, provided such minimum payment is made to Medical School within sixty (60) days after the conclusion of the calendar year. Waiver of any minimum royalty payment by Medical School shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent minimum royalty payment. If Company fails to make any minimum royalty payment within the sixty-day period, such failure shall constitute a material breach of its obligations under this Agreement, and Medical School shall have the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Section 8.3.

  • Minimum Royalties If royalties paid to Licensor do not reach the minimum royalty amounts stated in Section 3.3 of the Patent & Technology License Agreement for the specified periods, Licensee will pay Licensor on or before the Quarterly Payment Deadline for the last Contract Quarter in the stated period an additional amount equal to the difference between the stated minimum royalty amount and the actual royalties paid to Licensor.

  • No Multiple Royalties If the manufacture, use, lease, or sale of any LICENSED PRODUCT or the performance of any LICENSED PROCESS is covered by more than one of the PATENT RIGHTS, multiple royalties shall not be due.

  • Payment of Royalties Celgene shall: (a) within [***] following the end of each Calendar Quarter in which a royalty payment accrues, provide to Juno a report for each country in the Territory in which sales of Licensed Product or related Licensed Diagnostic Product occurred in the Calendar Quarter covered by such statement, specifying: the gross sales (if available) and License Net Sales in each country’s currency; the applicable royalty rate under this License Agreement; the royalties payable in each country’s currency, including an accounting of deductions taken in the calculation of License Net Sales in accordance with Celgene’s Accounting Principles; the applicable exchange rate to convert from each country’s currency to U.S. Dollars under Section 5.5.1; and the royalties payable in U.S. Dollars, and (b) make the royalty payments owed to Juno hereunder in accordance with such royalty report in arrears, within [***] from the end of each Calendar Quarter in which such payment accrues.

  • Running Royalties Company shall pay to JHU a running royalty as set forth in Exhibit A, for each LICENSED PRODUCT(S) sold, and for each LICENSED SERVICE(S) provided, by Company or AFFILIATED COMPANIES, based on NET SALES and NET SERVICE REVENUES for the term of this Agreement. Such payments shall be made quarterly. All non-US taxes related to LICENSED PRODUCT(S) or LICENSED SERVICE(S) sold under this Agreement shall be paid by Company and shall not be deducted from royalty or other payments due to JHU. In order to insure JHU the full royalty payments contemplated hereunder, Company agrees that in the event any LICENSED PRODUCT(S) shall be sold to an AFFILIATED COMPANY or SUBLICENSEE(S) or to a corporation, firm or association with which Company shall have any agreement, understanding or arrangement with respect to consideration (such as, among other things, an option to purchase stock or actual stock ownership, or an arrangement involving division of profits or special rebates or allowances) the royalties to be paid hereunder for such LICENSED PRODUCT(S) shall be based upon the greater of: 1) the net selling price (per NET SALES) at which the purchaser of LICENSED PRODUCT(S) resells such product to the end user, 2) the NET SERVICE REVENUES received from using the LICENSED PRODUCT(S) in providing a service, or 3) the net selling price (per NET SALES) of LICENSED PRODUCT(S) paid by the purchaser. No multiple royalties shall be due or payable because any LICENSED PRODUCT(S) or LICENSED SERVICE(S) is covered by more than one claim of the PATENT RIGHTS or by claims of both the PATENT RIGHTS under this Agreement and “PATENT RIGHTS” under any other license agreement between Company and JHU. The royalty shall not be cumulative based on the number of patents or claims covering a product or service, but rather shall be capped at the rate set forth in Exhibit A.

  • Payment of Royalty TOGI shall calculate and pay the Royalty monthly in accordance with the provisions of Exhibit 1. If TOGI does not timely pay the Royalty, Owner may give written notice to TOGI that TOGI is in default of its obligations under this Deed, and unless within five (5) business days following receipt by TOGI of such notice Owner receives the delinquent Royalty payment, then TOGI shall pay interest on the delinquent payment at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum which shall accrue from the day the delinquent Royalty payment was due to the date of payment of the Royalty and accrued interest. TOGI shall pay all of Owner's attorney's fees and all other costs incurred by Owner to collect the delinquent Royalty payment.

  • Earned Royalty In addition to the annual license maintenance fee, ***** will pay Stanford earned royalties (Y%) on Net Sales as follows:

  • Earned Royalties In partial consideration of the Sublicense, Company will pay to Cellscript royalties on Net Sales of Licensed Products in the Sublicensed Fields of Use as stated below.