Supplementary Insurance Sample Clauses

Supplementary Insurance. The Owner does not represent that the project-specific insurance policies described in this Article will be sufficient to protect the Contractor or any other Insured Parties against all of their responsibilities under this contract. The Contractor and any other Insured Parties may obtain such additional insurance as they may consider necessary at their own expense.
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Supplementary Insurance. If not provided by Builder's Risk coverage, Subcontractor shall maintain in full force and effect property insurance for all equipment, and property obtained by or for Subcontractor which is to become a part of the Work during installation and while such equipment and property is stored at the jobsite, at temporary locations, or while in transit to the Project from such temporary locations. Subcontractor shall also be responsible for insuring Subcontractor's owned, rented or borrowed equipment. Once the Work is accepted by Contractor, Owner or Contractor shall provide Project insurance and appropriate waivers of subrogation shall apply.
Supplementary Insurance. Insurance company Policy number SOCIAL INSURANCE Profession Employer Social insurance provider Social insurance number *Optional information COINSURANCE (only complete if co-insured with relative) Last name First name Title Date of birth Degree of relationship Soc. Xxxxx.xx. Profession Employer Address Zip Code/ City Country Telephone Fax E-Mail NEXT OF KIN Last name First name Title Degree of relationship Country Address Zip Code/ City Telephone Fax E-Mail I agree that the person designated as my next of kin will be informed about all matters concerning my state of health. MAY ALL CALLS BE CONNECTED, AND ALL VISITORS ADMITTED, TO YOU?  YES  NO (except):
Supplementary Insurance. Any Obligor may, at any time, effect such other insurances (“Supplementary Insurances”) in addition to or supplementing those referred to elsewhere in this Schedule in accordance with prudent industry practice provided that such Supplementary Insurances shall not adversely affect any insured party’s rights or ability to recover under the Insurances and Project Reinsurances (as defined below).

Related to Supplementary Insurance

  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance The Owner shall have the option of purchasing and maintaining boiler and machinery insurance required by the Contract Documents or by law, which shall specifically cover such insured objects during installation and until final acceptance by the Owner. If purchased this insurance shall include interests of the Owner, Contractor, Subcontractors and Sub-subcontrators in the Work.

  • Indemnity Insurance a. The Service Provider agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City, its officers, agents and employees against and from any and all actions, suits, claims, demands or liability of any character whatsoever brought or asserted for injuries to or death of any person or persons, or damages to property arising out of, result from or occurring in connection with the performance of any service hereunder.

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