Standard Security and Administration Procedures Sample Clauses

Standard Security and Administration Procedures. The Director-General upon consultation with the Israeli and Palestinian wing Managers, shall determine and shall furnish to the persons set out in Paragraphs x.x, l.e and l.g above and to the Liaison Bureau a compendium detailing standard procedures with respect to security and administration of the terminal. Such procedures shall include:
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Related to Standard Security and Administration Procedures

  • General Requirements and Administration 2.1 The DEVELOPER agrees that the Property shall be developed and used only in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Security and Validation Procedures The Scheduling Coordinator shall apply to the Meter Data of the Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entities that it represents the security and validation procedures prescribed by the relevant Local Regulatory Authority. If the relevant Local Regulatory Authority has not prescribed any such procedures, the Scheduling Coordinator shall apply the procedures set forth in the CAISO Tariff. Meter Data submitted by a Scheduling Coordinator for Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entities shall conform to these standards unless the CAISO has, at its discretion, exempted the Scheduling Coordinator from these standards.

  • Management and Administration Except as otherwise provided herein, this Agreement shall be managed and administered by the Parties, Members, and State Consumer Advocates through the Members Committee and the Reliability Committee as a Standing Committee thereof, except as delegated to the Office of the Interconnection and except that only the PJM Board shall have the authority to approve and authorize the filing of amendments to this Agreement with the FERC. Issued By: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Effective: October 1, 2003 Vice President, Governmental Policy Issued On: July 31, 2003 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Second Revised Sheet No. 11 First Revised Rate Schedule FERC No. 32 Superseding First Revised Sheet No. 11 [Sheet Nos. 11 through 14A are reserved for future use.] Issued By: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Effective: October 1, 2003 Vice President, Governmental Policy Issued On: July 31, 2003 PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Second Revised Sheet No. 15 First Revised Rate Schedule FERC No. 32 Superseding First Revised Sheet No. 15

  • – GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS Any communication relating to the Contract shall be made in writing and shall bear the Contract number. Communications shall be sent to the following addresses: Agency: European Defence Agency Contracting Unit Rue des Drapiers 00-00 X-0000 Xxxxxxxx Contractor: Mr/Mrs/Ms [complete] [Function] [Company name] [Official address in full]

  • UNION SECURITY AND CHECKOFF 5:01 It shall be a condition of continued employment for all employees including probationary employees, as defined in Article 2, to become members and maintain membership in good standing in the Union.

  • Safety and Security Procedures Contractor shall maintain and enforce, at the Contractor Work Locations, industry-standard safety and physical security policies and procedures. While at each Court Work Location, Contractor shall comply with the safety and security policies and procedures in effect at such Court Work Location.

  • Minor and Administrative Errors A Competent Authority shall notify the Competent Authority of the other Party when the first-mentioned Competent Authority has reason to believe that administrative errors or other minor errors may have led to incorrect or incomplete information reporting or resulted in other infringements of this Agreement. The Competent Authority of such other Party shall apply its domestic law (including applicable penalties) to obtain corrected and/or complete information or to resolve other infringements of this Agreement.

  • Use, Security, and Retention Local Agency shall use, hold and maintain State Confidential Information in compliance with any and all applicable laws and regulations in facilities located within the United States, and shall maintain a secure environment that ensures confidentiality of all State Confidential Information wherever located. Local Agency shall provide the State with access, subject to Local Agency’s reasonable security requirements, for purposes of inspecting and monitoring access and use of State Confidential Information and evaluating security control effectiveness. Upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement, Local Agency shall return State Records provided to Local Agency or destroy such State Records and certify to the State that it has done so, as directed by the State. If Local Agency is prevented by law or regulation from returning or destroying State Confidential Information, Local Agency warrants it will guarantee the confidentiality of, and cease to use, such State Confidential Information.

  • COST PRINCIPLES AND ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS A. CONSULTANT agrees that the Contract Cost Principles and Procedures, 48 CFR, Federal Acquisition Regulations System, Chapter 1, Part 31.000 et seq., shall be used to determine the cost allowability of individual items.

  • Judicial and Administrative Proceedings In the event that Business Associate receives a subpoena, court or administrative order, or other discovery request or mandate for release of PHI, Business Associate agrees to collaborate with Covered Entity with respect to Business Associate’s response to such request. Business Associate shall notify Covered Entity within seven (7) days of receipt of such request or mandate.

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