Movement Sample Clauses

Movement. Coaching move in a sport from a lower level up – go to Step 1, but in no event will the supplemental be less than the previous position. To move in a sport from a higher level down – stay on same step as usual.
Movement. Withholding of increments shall be non-grievable. Since experience cannot be separated from performance, the movement from one salary step to another implies not only an added year of experience, but also “proficient” or above based on the PERA Professional Appraisal Plan. The Board reserves the right, based on the recommendations of the administration, to stop a teacher’s progress on the salary schedule until such time as evidence of “proficient” performance is determined by evaluation. The procedure, criteria and standards of evaluation have been mutually approved by the Board and the AEEA. Any teacher who receives such a rating may, before being placed on a Professional Development Plan or remediation, request that an academic member of the Cabinet observe and evaluate their performance. Such evaluations will then be provided along with the original evaluation to the Superintendent or designee.
Movement. 18. 1 NNC will fund a child moving from another borough only when clearance is sought from the other local authority and funding already claimed has been taken into account.18.2 NNC requires a period of 4 weeksnotice period when a child is leaving a Provider within North Northamptonshire and will therefore continue to fund a place for 4 weeks’ post receiving written notification from the setting.18.3 Should the child start at the new provision before the notice period ends this will not be funded by NNC, unless in exceptional circumstances, such as: safeguarding, following a rating of an Ofstedrating of ‘Inadequate’ or breakdown in relationship between Provider and parent/carer. Prior agreement is required from NNC.18.4 It is the responsibility of the Provider to discuss the funding with the new/old Provider to determine funding remaining to be claimed. It is the responsibility of the original Provider to ‘end date’ and amend/reduce their current funding claim for the child to enable the new setting to submit theirclaim. Failure to add in ‘end datesremoves the amount of funding available and will incur a charge to be resolved.
Movement between levels for any non-apprentice positions is 18 months unless employee entered that job discipline at the utility as an apprentice (at any level) then the time between levels is 12 months. Apprentices move through levels based upon completion of apprentice program levels/years.
Movement. Applicant must demonstrate average movement coordination.
Movement. Lane advancement, movement to the right on the salary schedule will occur on the first day of each school year upon receipt by the superintendent of certified transcripts of completed course work. The only exceptions to the timing of a lane change will be upon the awarding of the Master’s degree or the Ph.D. or Ed.D. degree. A lane change to the “MA” or “Ph.D./Ed.D.” columns will be applied as of the official date of graduation as indicated on a certified transcript.
Movement. Like For Like" concept utilized)
Movement. Movement of Palestinian policemen between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be conducted in accordance with Article X of this Annex.
Movement. Movement of Palestinian policemen between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be conducted in accordance with Article X of this Annex. Article V Security Arrangements in the West Bank 1. Coordination and Cooperation in the West Bank As shown on map No. 4, eight DCOs will function in the West Bank, as follows:
Movement. Seller agrees to deliver the Aircraft to the Cessna Citation Service Center in Greensboro, North Carolina for the pre-purchase inspection at Purchaser’s cost for fuel. Additionally Seller agrees to allow a test flight of no more than 90 minutes duration at Purchaser’s risk and expense.