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Standard Schedules a. Standard work hours will be from 0730 to 1130 hrs and 1200 to 1600. It is recognized however that it may be necessary to establish different hours depending on the mission, work areas or type of installation within the State. The employer will establish work center hours to meet mission requirements. Changes in work center hours may be approved via a request for coordination though the Human Resources Office/Labor Relations Officer.
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Standard Schedules. Except where an off-standard work week is established, the standard one, two, three, and four shift schedules listed below shall be the hours of work, unless by agreement between the Union and the Company they are altered. One shift operation: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Two shift operation: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m. to 12:00 midnight Three shift operation: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. Four shift operation: A B C D Sunday Off Off Sat. 11:00 p.m. 3-11 Sun. 7:00 a.m. Monday 7-3 Off Sun. 11:00 p.m. 3-11 Mon. 7:00 a.m Tuesday 7-3 3-11 Mon. 11:00 p.m. Off Tues. 7:00 a.m Wednesday 7-3 3-11 Tues. 11:00 p.m. Off Wed. 7:00 a.m Friday 7-3 3-11 Off. Thurs. 11:00 p.m. Fri. 7:00 a.m.

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  • ANNEXES, EXHIBITS AND SCHEDULES Annex I List of Commitments Exhibit A Form of Note Exhibit B-1 Form of Initial Funding Disbursement Request Exhibit B-2 Form of Subsequent Funding Request Exhibit B-3 Form of Invoice Disbursement Request Exhibit C Form of Direction Letter Exhibit D Form of Compliance Certificate Exhibit E Form of Legal Opinion of Xxxxxx & Xxxxxx, special counsel to the Borrower Exhibit F-1 Security Instruments Exhibit F-2 Form of Security Agreement Exhibit G Form of Assignment and Assumption Exhibit H Form of Conveyance of Overriding Royalty Interest Exhibit I Form of Warrant Agreement Exhibit J Form of Letter-in-Lieu Exhibit K Development Plan Exhibit L Form of Pledge Agreement Schedule 1.01 AFE Requirements Schedule 1.02 Approved Counterparties Schedule 8.05 Litigation Schedule 8.06 Environmental Matters Schedule 8.13 Insurance Schedule 8.15 Subsidiaries and Partnerships Schedule 8.17 Title to Properties Schedule 8.19 Gas Imbalances Schedule 8.20 Marketing Contracts Schedule 8.21 Swap Agreements Schedule 8.25 Material Agreements Schedule 8.30 Past Due Accounts Payable Schedule 9.02(e) Notice of Certain Events Schedule 9.18(b)(i) 3% Properties Schedule 9.18(b)(ii) 2% Properties Schedule 10.02 Debt Schedule 10.03 Excepted Liens Schedule 10.05 Investments Schedule 10.07 Leases Schedule 10.23 Net Sales Volumes

  • Incorporation of Exhibits, Annexes, and Schedules The Exhibits, Annexes, and Schedules identified in this Agreement are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof.

  • LIST OF SCHEDULES AND EXHIBITS SCHEDULES SCHEDULE 1.1(A) - PRICING GRID SCHEDULE 1.1(B) - COMMITMENTS OF LENDERS AND ADDRESSES FOR NOTICES SCHEDULE 1.1(P) - PERMITTED LIENS SCHEDULE 1.1(Q)(1) - QUALIFIED ACCOUNTS SCHEDULE 1.1(Q)(2) - QUALIFIED INVENTORY SCHEDULE 1.1(R) - REAL PROPERTY SCHEDULE 1.1(V) - VENDOR LIENS SCHEDULE 6.1.1 - QUALIFICATIONS TO DO BUSINESS SCHEDULE 6.1.2 - SUBSIDIARIES SCHEDULE 6.1.14 - INSURANCE SCHEDULE 6.1.15 - ERISA DISCLOSURES SCHEDULE 6.1.16 - ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLOSURES SCHEDULE 7.1 - EXISTING INDEBTEDNESS SCHEDULE 7.1.1 - OPINION OF COUNSEL SCHEDULE 8.1.3 - INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO COLLATERAL SCHEDULE 8.2.1 - PERMITTED INDEBTEDNESS SCHEDULE 8.2.4 - PERMITTED LOANS AND INVESTMENTS EXHIBITS EXHIBIT 1.1(A) - ASSIGNMENT AND ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(B) - BORROWING BASE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 1.1(D) - DEPOSIT ACCOUNT CONTROL AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(G)(1) - GUARANTOR JOINDER EXHIBIT 1.1(G)(2) - GUARANTY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(I)(1) - INDEMNITY EXHIBIT 1.1(I)(2) - INTERCOMPANY SUBORDINATION AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(I)(3) - INTERCREDITOR AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(M) - MORTGAGE EXHIBIT 1.1(N)(1) - REVOLVING CREDIT NOTE EXHIBIT 1.1(N)(2) - SWING LOAN NOTE EXHIBIT 1.1(P)(1) - PATENT, TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT SECURITY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(P)(2) - PLEDGE AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(S) - SECURITY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 2.5.1 - LOAN REQUEST EXHIBIT 2.5.2 - SWING LOAN REQUEST EXHIBIT 5.9.7(A) - U.S. TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 5.9.7(B) - U.S. TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 5.9.7(C) - U.S. TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 5.9.7(D) - U.S. TAX COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 8.3.3 - QUARTERLY COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE CREDIT AGREEMENT THIS CREDIT AGREEMENT (as hereafter amended, the “Agreement”) is dated as of December 21, 2012 and is made by and among XXXXXXXXX ENERGY, INC., a Delaware corporation (the “Borrower”), each of the GUARANTORS (as hereinafter defined), the LENDERS (as hereinafter defined), STIFEL BANK & TRUST, in its capacity as syndication agent for the Lenders under this Agreement, and PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, in its capacity as administrative agent for the Lenders under this Agreement (hereinafter referred to in such capacity as the “Administrative Agent”). The Borrower has requested the Lenders to provide a revolving credit facility to the Borrower in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $50,000,000. In consideration of their mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter set forth and intending to be legally bound hereby, the parties hereto covenant and agree as follows:

  • Schedules and Annexes The Schedules and Annexes referenced herein are a part of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein. All references herein to Schedules and Annexes shall be deemed references to such parts of this Agreement, unless the context shall otherwise require. Any disclosure made by a party in the Schedules with reference to any section or schedule of this Agreement shall be deemed to be a disclosure with respect to all other sections or schedules to which the relevance of such disclosure is reasonably apparent. Certain information set forth in the Schedules is included solely for informational purposes and may not be required to be disclosed pursuant to this Agreement. The disclosure of any information shall not be deemed to constitute an acknowledgment that such information is required to be disclosed in connection with the representations and warranties made in this Agreement, nor shall such information be deemed to establish a standard of materiality.

  • Exhibits and Schedules The exhibits and schedules attached to this Agreement are incorporated herein and shall be considered a part of this Agreement for the purposes stated herein.

  • LIST OF EXHIBITS AND SCHEDULES Exhibit A-1 Form of Canadian Revolver Note Exhibit A-2 Form of U.S. Revolver Note Exhibit A-3 Form of U.K. Revolver Note Exhibit B Assignment and Acceptance Exhibit C Assignment Notice Exhibit D Form of Compliance Certificate Exhibit E Form of Debenture Schedule E-1 Existing Letters of Credit Schedule 1.1 Commitments of Lenders Schedule 1.1A Mandatory Cost Formulae Schedule 1.1C U.K. Eligible Foreign Accounts Schedule 1.1D U.K. Non-Bank Lenders Schedule 5.9.9 Treaty Lenders under HMRC DT Passport Scheme Schedule 8.6.1 Business Locations Schedule 9.1.9 Environmental Matters Schedule 9.1.12 ERISA Compliance Schedule 9.1.13 Names and Capital Structure Schedule 9.1.21 Labor Contracts Schedule 10.2.1 Existing Liens Schedule 10.2.2 Permitted Investments Schedule 10.2.3 Permitted Debt SECOND AMENDED AND RESTATED LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT THIS SECOND AMENDED AND RESTATED LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT is dated as of December 22, 2011, among CALLAWAY GOLF COMPANY, a Delaware corporation (“Parent”), CALLAWAY GOLF SALES COMPANY, a California corporation (“Callaway Sales”), CALLAWAY GOLF BALL OPERATIONS, INC., a Delaware corporation (“Callaway Operations”, and together with Parent and Callaway Sales, collectively, “U.S. Borrowers”), CALLAWAY GOLF CANADA LTD., a Canada corporation (“Canadian Borrower”) CALLAWAY GOLF EUROPE LTD., a company organized under the laws of England (registered number 02756321) (“U.K. Borrower” and together with the U.S. Borrowers and the Canadian Borrower, collectively, “Borrowers”), the other Obligors party to this Agreement from time to time, the financial institutions party to this Agreement from time to time as lenders (collectively, “Lenders”), and BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., a national banking association, as administrative agent and as security trustee for the Lenders (“Agent”).

  • Schedules and Exhibits All of the schedules and exhibits attached to this Agreement shall be deemed incorporated herein by reference.

  • Exhibits and Schedules; Additional Definitions All Exhibits and Schedules attached to this Agreement are a part hereof for all purposes. Reference is hereby made to the Security Schedule for the meaning of certain terms defined therein and used but not defined herein, which definitions are incorporated herein by reference.

  • Recitals, Schedules and Exhibits The Recitals, Schedules and Exhibits to this Agreement are incorporated herein and, by this reference, made a part hereof as if fully set forth herein.

  • Headings, Schedules and Exhibits The Article and/or Section headings and the Table of Contents in this Agreement are included herein for convenience of reference only and shall not constitute a part of this Agreement for any other purpose. The Schedules and Exhibits annexed hereto are hereby incorporated herein as a part of this Agreement with the same effect as if set forth in the body hereof.

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