SPVs Sample Clauses

SPVs. (a) Avis Europe shall use (and the Parent shall procure that Avis Europe shall use) all reasonable efforts (save to the extent the same would produce (A) any violation of applicable law, (B) liability of any of the officers, directors, shareholders of such member or any of its holding companies or subsidiaries, (C) violation of the provisions of any Joint Venture governing or binding on such person or its subsidiaries or holding companies or (D) material adverse effects on the tax position (including, without limitation, the imposition of any material withholding tax or the loss of any material tax deduction) of the worldwide Avis group, including the Avis Europe Group) to:
SPVs. If the Prospective Bidder intends to acquire the Sale Assets or provide an investment through a special purpose vehicle, the equity holders, or sponsors, of such special purpose vehicle must be identified including contact information and guarantee the special purpose vehicle’s obligations.
SPVs. Each Vessel shall be separately acquired and owned through an SPV, each such SPV to be wholly owned by the Company capitalized with funds from the Shareholders. Each SPV shall be a wholly-owned direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company. The business of each SPV shall be to own, charter-in, operate, charter-out and (where applicable) dispose of a Vessel with the objective of maximizing the value of the relevant return on investment for each of the Shareholders.
SPVs none of MI Daan Corporation, MI Moliqing Corporation and MI Miao 3 Corporation has any interest in the PSCs or the Crude Oil Sales Contract;

Related to SPVs

  • Information Concerning Subadviser Assets and Subadviser From time to time as the Adviser or the Trust reasonably may request in good faith, the Subadviser will furnish the requesting party reports on portfolio transactions and reports on the Subadviser Assets, all in such reasonable detail as the parties may reasonably agree in good faith. The Subadviser will also inform the Adviser in a timely manner of material changes in portfolio managers responsible for Subadviser Assets, any changes in the ownership or management of the Subadviser, or of material changes in the control of the Subadviser. Upon the Trust’s or the Adviser’s reasonable request, the Subadviser will make available its officers and employees to meet with the Trust’s Board of Trustees to review the Subadviser Assets via telephone on a quarterly basis and on a less frequent basis as agreed upon by the parties in person. Subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, the Subadviser will also provide such information or perform such additional acts with respect to the Subadviser Assets as are reasonably required for the Trust or the Adviser to comply with their respective obligations under applicable laws, including without limitation, the Code, the 1940 Act, the Advisers Act, and the Securities Act, and any rule or regulation thereunder.

  • FUND ASSETS HELD IN THE CUSTODIAN'S DIRECT PAPER SYSTEM The Custodian may deposit and/or maintain securities owned by a Portfolio in the Direct Paper System of the Custodian subject to the following provisions:

  • Admission of the Corporate Taxpayer into a Consolidated Group; Transfers of Corporate Assets (a) If the Corporate Taxpayer is or becomes a member of an affiliated or consolidated group of corporations that files a consolidated income tax return pursuant to Sections 1501 et seq. of the Code or any corresponding provisions of state or local law, then: (i) the provisions of this Agreement shall be applied with respect to the group as a whole; and (ii) Tax Benefit Payments, Early Termination Payments and other applicable items hereunder shall be computed with reference to the consolidated taxable income of the group as a whole.

  • Information Concerning the Fund and SubAdviser From time to time as the Adviser or the Fund may request, the SubAdviser will furnish the requesting party information and reports on portfolio transactions and reports on Fund assets held in the portfolio, all in such detail, form and frequency as the Adviser or the Fund may reasonably request. The SubAdviser will also provide the Adviser with notice and analysis of events that may affect or relate to the valuation of the Fund’s portfolio.

  • Investors Investors will be instructed by the Dealer Manager or any soliciting dealers retained by the Dealer Manager (the “Soliciting Dealers”) to remit the purchase price in the form of checks ( “instruments of payment”) payable to the order of, or funds wired in favor of, “UMB BANK, N.A., ESCROW AGENT FOR PREFERRED APARTMENT COMMUNITIES, INC.” Any checks made payable to a party other than the Escrow Agent shall be returned to the Dealer Manager or Soliciting Dealer that submitted the check. If any subscription agreement for the purchase of Securities solicited by a Soliciting Dealer is rejected by the Company, then the subscription agreement and check for the purchase of Securities will be returned to the rejected subscriber within ten business days from the date of rejection. All Investor Funds deposited in the Escrow Account shall not be subject to any liens or charges by the Company or the Escrow Agent, or judgments or creditors’ claims against the Company, until and unless released to the Company as hereinafter provided. The Company understands and agrees that the Company shall not be entitled to any Investor Funds on deposit in the Escrow Account and no such funds shall become the property of the Company, or any other entity except as released to the Company pursuant to Section 3. The Escrow Agent will not use the information provided to it by the Company for any purpose other than to fulfill its obligations as Escrow Agent hereunder. The Escrow Agent will treat all Investor information as confidential.

  • Affiliates and Third Parties If the Asset Representations Reviewer processes the PII of the Issuer’s Affiliates or a third party when performing a Review, and if such Affiliate or third party is identified to the Asset Representations Reviewer, such Affiliate or third party is an intended third-party beneficiary of this Section 4.10, and this Agreement is intended to benefit the Affiliate or third party. The Affiliate or third party may enforce the PII related terms of this Section 4.10 against the Asset Representations Reviewer as if each were a signatory to this Agreement.

  • Persons Having Access to Assets of the Portfolios Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, no Authorized Person, Trustee, officer, employee or agent of any Fund shall have physical access to the assets of any Portfolio of that Fund held by the Custodian nor shall the Custodian deliver any assets of a Portfolio for delivery to an account of such person; provided, however, that nothing in this Section 3.03 shall prohibit (a) any Authorized Person from giving Proper Instructions, or any person authorized to issue Special Instructions from issuing Special Instructions, so long as such action does not result in delivery of or access to assets of any Portfolio prohibited by this Section 3.03; or (b) each Fund's independent certified public accountants from examining or reviewing the assets of the Portfolios of the Fund held by the Custodian. Each Fund shall deliver to the Custodian a written certificate identifying such Authorized Persons, Trustees, officers, employees and agents of such Fund.

  • Books and Records; Certain Funds Received After the Cut-off Date From and after the sale of the Mortgage Loans to the Purchaser, title to each Mortgage and the related Mortgage Note shall be transferred to the Trustee in accordance with this Agreement. Any funds due after the Cut-off Date in connection with a Mortgage Loan received by the Seller or any of its Affiliates shall be held in trust for the benefit of the Trustee as the owner of such Mortgage Loan and shall be transferred promptly to the Trustee. All scheduled payments of principal and interest due on or before the Cut-off Date but collected after the Cut-off Date, and recoveries of principal and interest collected on or before the Cut-off Date (only in respect of principal and interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the Cut-off Date and principal prepayments thereon), shall belong to, and shall be promptly remitted to, the Seller. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Seller’s balance sheets (and any consolidated balance sheet that includes the Seller) and other financial statements as a sale of such Mortgage Loan by the Seller to the Purchaser. The Seller intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan to the Purchaser as a sale for tax purposes. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Purchaser’s balance sheets and other financial statements as a purchase of such Mortgage Loan by the Purchaser from the Seller. The Purchaser intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan from the Seller as a purchase for tax purposes.

  • Fund Transactions The Advisor is authorized to select the brokers or dealers that will execute the purchases and sales of portfolio securities for the Fund. With respect to brokerage selection, the Advisor shall seek to obtain the best overall execution for fund transactions, which is a combination of price, quality of execution and other factors. The Advisor may, in its discretion, purchase and sell portfolio securities from and to brokers and dealers who provide the Advisor with brokerage, research, analysis, advice and similar services, and the Advisor may pay to these brokers and dealers, in return for such services, a higher commission or spread than may be charged by other brokers and dealers, provided that the Advisor determines in good faith that such commission is reasonable in terms either of that particular transaction or of the overall responsibility of the Advisor to the Fund and its other clients and that the total commission paid by the Fund will be reasonable in relation to the benefits to the Fund and its other clients over the long-term. The Advisor will promptly communicate to the officers and the trustees of the Trust such information relating to portfolio transactions as they may reasonably request.

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