Sold Sample Clauses

Sold assigned, transferred, leased, disposed of, or agreed to sell, assign, transfer, lease, or dispose of, any of the Property, except in the ordinary course of Seller's business, as such business has been operated historically.
Sold. In the event that a Product is sold in combination as a single product with another product ("Combination Product"), active component or service (which product, component or service is not a portion of the Product) and whose sale and use are not covered by a Valid Claim of the Product in the country for which the combination product is sold, Gross Revenues from such sales for purposes of calculating the amounts due under this Agreement shall be calculated by multiplying the Gross Revenues of that combination by the fraction A/(A+B), where A is the gross selling price of the Product sold separately and B is the gross selling price of the other product, active component or service sold separately. In the event that no such separate sales are made by Licensee or its Sublicensee, Gross Revenues for royalty determination shall be reasonably allocated between the Product and such other product, active component or service, based upon their relative importance and proprietary protection. Without limitation, liposomal compounds, camptothecin and analogues thereof, and aerosol containers (nebulizers) are deemed to be portions of the Product.
Sold. Records shall be considered "sold" only when Company has been paid for them, less records returned to Company after they have been paid for.
Sold. In the event the Licensed Product(s) is sold as part of a kit, or in combination with other products not covered by this Agreement (such as detection systems), the Net Sales Price for such products which contain the Licensed Product(s) will be calculated as B * (A/B), where A is the gross sales price of an equivalent unit of Licensed Product(s) sold separately, less allowances, and B is the gross sales price of the kit or combination of products in which the Licensed Product(s) is included less allowances.
Sold the Lead has been determined Valid after an invalidation request was made by the Buyer;