Rise Sample Clauses

Rise. Transformers shall be of loop feed design with no switching. High voltage bushing shall be of dead front construction consisting of bushing xxxxx and removable bushing well inserts to accept all standard 8.3/14.4 KV 200 Amp safe break elbow terminators, and equipped with three storage bushing bracket adjacent to high voltage bushings. The transformer shall be equipped with R.T.E. bayonet type sensing and overload sensing fuse links or approved oil immersed equal high voltage fuse. Low voltage bushings shall be furnished with spade type terminals with holes on NEMA standard spacing. Auto pressure relief device with pull ring for hook stick operation to be located within the locked compartments. All transformers shall be supplied with sequential identification numbers per Uticom catalog number # U358HS15-#. All transformers shall have an owner specified warning label affixed to the exterior side of the door per Uticom catalog number U6075W-OEU-08.
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Rise. The height of runs is limited (30” max.), but there is no limit on the number of runs a ramp may have. Landings Level landings are required at the top and bottom of each run. Changes in level greater than 1:48 are not permitted at landings. RAMPS AND CURB RAMPS Landings Intermediate landings between runs must be at least 60” wide clear and 60” long clear where ramps change direction (any change from linear). Handrails, edge protection, vertical posts and other elements cannot obstruct or overlap the minimum 60” by 60” clearance. The 12” minimum handrail extensions required at the top and bottom of ramp runs must be in the same direction of the run, but they can turn or wrap where handrails are continuous at the inside turn of dogleg or switchback ramps. Handrails Edge Protection (Be aware of UFAS/ADA 2010 difference) Extended Floor or Ground Surface. The floor or ground surface of the ramp run or landing shall extend 12 inches (305 mm) minimum beyond the inside face of a handrail Curb or Barrier. A curb or barrier shall be provided that prevents the passage of a 4 inch (100 mm) diameter sphere, where any portion of the sphere is within 4 inches (100 mm) of the finish floor or ground surface. UFAS states curb shall be minimum 2” high. Edge Protection EXCEPTIONS:
Rise. The amount of standard raise shall not exceed three (3) inches. Track receiving less than the minimum specified raise shall not be considered acceptable. Exceptions may be made for surfacing into fixed points such as crossings, switches, bridges, and areas of restricted clearance with prior approval of Engineer.
Rise c) For the first year of this collective agreement, the February, l985 index base will be used to calculate the quarterly Cola payments. The maximum Cola payment will be l0 cents. The Cola being paid as of March 3, l986 will be added to the rates, and will not be paid as Cola in the second year of the agreement.

Related to Rise

  • Involuntary Transfer An involuntary transfer is a transfer initiated by the district due to staff reduction, building closings, changing building enrollments, unsatisfactory work on the part of the teacher or programmatic needs on the part of the district.

  • No Impairment The Company will not, by amendment of its Charter or through any reorganization, transfer of assets, consolidation, merger, dissolution, issue or sale of securities or any other voluntary action, avoid or seek to avoid the observance or performance of any of the terms to be observed or performed hereunder by the Company, but will at all times in good faith assist in the carrying out of all the provisions of this Warrant and in taking of all such action as may be necessary or appropriate in order to protect the rights of the Warrantholder.

  • Change in Law If any Change in Law shall:

  • Impairment The Master Servicer shall not impair the rights of the Noteholders and Certificateholders in the Contracts.

  • Suspension upon Concessionaire Default Upon occurrence of a Concessionaire Default, the Authority shall be entitled, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies under this Agreement including its rights of Termination hereunder, to (i) suspend all rights of the Concessionaire under this Agreement including the Concessionaire's right to collect charge(s), and other revenues pursuant hereto, and (ii) exercise such rights itself and perform the obligations hereunder or authorise any other person to exercise or perform the same on its behalf during such suspension (the "Suspension"). Suspension hereunder shall be effective forthwith upon issue of notice by the Authority to the Concessionaire and may extend up to a period not exceeding 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of issue of such notice; provided that upon written request from the Concessionaire and the Lenders’ Representative, the Authority shall extend the aforesaid period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days by a further period not exceeding 90 (ninety) days.

  • Voluntary Transfer An employee who transfers within the same class shall receive no salary adjustment. An employee who transfers between classes shall receive the minimum adjustment necessary to bring his/her salary to the minimum rate of the new class. However, an employee receiving a rate of pay in excess of the range maximum shall continue to receive that rate of pay.

  • Suspension 19.2.1 If:

  • Effect of Force Majeure Event on the Concession 34.6.1 Upon the occurrence of any Force Majeure Event prior to the Appointed Date, the period set forth in Clause 24.1.1 for achieving Financial Close shall be extended by a period equal in length to the duration of the Force Majeure Event.

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