Required Standard Sample Clauses

Required Standard. Powermetric will perform the Metering Services in a professional and efficient manner and in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards, authorisations, laws and any relevant processes and procedures under the Rules.
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Required Standard all the reasonable skill, care and diligence to be expected of a qualified and experienced member of the CMC's profession undertaking the Services on works similar in scope and character to the Project.
Required Standard. The Carrier shall answer 80% of telephone calls by a live voice (during operating hours) within 30 seconds.
Required Standard. The services performed hereunder in connection with the Business shall be performed in good faith, with reasonable care and shall be performed in a timely manner consistent with Healthbanks’ historical practice.
Required Standard all the reasonable skill, care and diligence to be expected of a qualified and experienced member of the Consultant's profession undertaking the Services on works similar in scope and character to the Project. Services: the services referred to in the Professional Appointment, performed by or on behalf of the Consultant under the Professional Appointment.

Related to Required Standard

  • Meets Standard The school materially complies with applicable laws, rules, regulations and provisions of the charter contract relating to financial reporting requirements, including but not limited to: • Complete and on-time submission of financial reports, including annual budget, revised budgets (if applicable), periodic financial reports as required by the authorizer and any reporting requirements if the board contracts with an Education Service Provider (ESP) • On-time submission and completion of the annual independent audit and corrective action plans, if applicable • No charging of tuition • Adequate management and financial controls • All reporting requirements related to the use of public funds Measure 2b Is the school following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

  • Minimum Necessary Standard Business Associate shall apply the HIPAA Minimum Necessary standard to any Use or disclosure of PHI necessary to achieve the purposes of this Contract. See 45 CFR 164.514 (d)(2) through (d)(5).

  • W-9 Requirement Alongside a signed copy of this Agreement, Grantee will provide Florida Housing with a properly completed Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Form W-9. The purpose of the W-9 form is to document the SS# or FEIN# per the IRS. Note: W-9s submitted for any other entity name other than the Grantee’s will not be accepted.

  • Reporting Requirement (1) In the event the Contractor identifies covered telecommunications equipment or services used as a substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system, during contract performance, or the Contractor is notified of such by a subcontractor at any tier or by any other source, the Contractor shall report the information in paragraph (d)(2) of this clause to the Contracting Officer, unless elsewhere in this contract are established procedures for reporting the information; in the case of the Department of Defense, the Contractor shall report to the website at xxxxx:// For indefinite delivery contracts, the Contractor shall report to the Contracting Officer for the indefinite delivery contract and the Contracting Officer(s) for any affected order or, in the case of the Department of Defense, identify both the indefinite delivery contract and any affected orders in the report provided at xxxxx://

  • Standards Compliance DNS. Registry Operator shall comply with relevant existing RFCs and those published in the future by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), including all successor standards, modifications or additions thereto relating to the DNS and name server operations including without limitation RFCs 1034, 1035, 1123, 1982, 2181, 2182, 2671, 3226, 3596, 3597, 4343, and 5966. DNS labels may only include hyphens in the third and fourth position if they represent valid IDNs (as specified above) in their ASCII encoding (e.g., “xn--ndk061n”).

  • Regulation M Compliance The Company has not, and to its knowledge no one acting on its behalf has, (i) taken, directly or indirectly, any action designed to cause or to result in the stabilization or manipulation of the price of any security of the Company to facilitate the sale or resale of any of the Securities, (ii) sold, bid for, purchased, or, paid any compensation for soliciting purchases of, any of the Securities, or (iii) paid or agreed to pay to any Person any compensation for soliciting another to purchase any other securities of the Company, other than, in the case of clauses (ii) and (iii), compensation paid to the Company’s placement agent in connection with the placement of the Securities.

  • Applicable Standards The requirements and guidelines of NERC, the Applicable Regional Entity, and the Control Area in which the Customer Facility is electrically located; the PJM Manuals; and Applicable Technical Requirements and Standards.

  • Mandatory Requirements The following MUST be submitted together with the bid; 1. Copy of Certificate of incorporation

  • Federal Medicaid System Security Requirements Compliance Party shall provide a security plan, risk assessment, and security controls review document within three months of the start date of this Agreement (and update it annually thereafter) in order to support audit compliance with 45 CFR 95.621 subpart F, ADP System Security Requirements and Review Process.

  • Regulation AB Compliance If at any time the Custodian is not also serving as Servicer under the Servicing Agreement, the Custodian shall:

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