REMAINING MEMBERS. In the event of the Dissociation of a Member-Manager, all of the Members at the time of such Dissociation other than the Member who has dissociated. In the event of a Member-Manager who has any potential conflict of interest or transaction between a Member-Manager and the Company, the Members not having the potential conflict of interest or participating in the transaction.


New Members No person may be admitted as a member of the Company without the approval of the Member.
Substitute Members No transferee of all or part of a Member's Membership Interest shall become a substitute Member in place of the transferor unless and until:
Interest Holders The Administrative Agent may treat each Lender, or the Person designated in the last notice filed with the Administrative Agent under this Section 10.2, as the holder of all of the interests of such Lender in this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, its Loans and its portion of the Revolving Loan Commitment until written notice of transfer, signed by such Lender (or the Person designated in the last notice filed with the Administrative Agent) and by the Person designated in such written notice of transfer, in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, shall have been filed with the Administrative Agent.
General Partner Gross Income Allocation After giving effect to the special allocations in paragraph 2 but prior to any allocations under subparagraphs 1(a) or 1(b), there shall be specially allocated to the General Partner an amount of (i) first, items of Partnership income and (ii) second, items of Partnership gain during each fiscal year or other applicable period in an amount equal to the excess, if any, of (A) the cumulative distributions made to the General Partner under Section 7.3(b) of the Agreement, other than distributions which would properly be treated as “guaranteed payments” or which are attributable to the reimbursement of expenses which would properly be either deductible by the Partnership or added to the tax basis of any Partnership asset, over (B) the cumulative allocations of Partnership income and gain to the General Partner under this subparagraph 1(c)(i).
Managing Member (a) Holdings shall be an original managing member (the “Managing Member”). The Managing Member shall cease to be the Managing Member only if (i) it Withdraws from the Company for any reason, (ii) it consents in its sole discretion to resign as the Managing Member, or (iii) a Final Event with respect to it occurs. The Managing Member may not be removed without its consent. There may be one or more Managing Members. In the event that one or more other Managing Members is admitted to the Company as such, all references herein to the “Managing Member” in the singular form shall be deemed to also refer to such other Managing Members as may be appropriate. The relative rights and responsibilities of such Managing Members will be as agreed upon from time to time between them.
Member Units Each Member’s interest in the Company, including such Member’s interest in income, gains, losses, deductions and expenses of the Company and the right to vote on certain matters as provided in this Agreement, shall be represented by the Units owned by such Member.
Percentage Interest Ownership of the Company shall be divided into, represented by, and each Member’s Percentage Interest shall be expressed in Units of the Company. The name, address, Units and Percentage Interest of each Member are set forth on Exhibit “A” attached hereto, which may be amended from time to time as necessary to reflect changes in the Percentage Interests and Units held by the Members.
Membership/Partnership Interests Elect to treat or permit any of its Subsidiaries to (x) treat its limited liability company membership interests or partnership interests, as the case may be, as securities as contemplated by the definition of “security” in Section 8-102(15) and by Section 8-103 of Article 8 of Uniform Commercial Code or (y) certificate its limited liability company membership interests or partnership interests, as the case may be.
Membership Units The Company is initially organized with One (1) class of Membership Interests, designated in Units, which Units are initially the only class of equity in the Company. The Units shall have no par value and shall be of a single class with identical rights. The Company shall have a first lien on the Units of any Member for any debt or liability owed by such Member to the Company. Additional and different classes of Membership Interests represented by different Units may be created and issued to new or existing Members on such terms and conditions as the Governors may determine. Such additional and different classes may have different rights, powers and preferences (including, without limitation, voting rights and distribution preferences), which may be superior to those of existing Members. Members shall have no preemptive rights to acquire additional or newly created Units.
The Participating Interests Each Lender (other than the Lender acting as L/C Issuer in issuing the relevant Letter of Credit), by its acceptance hereof, severally agrees to purchase from the L/C Issuer, and the L/C Issuer hereby agrees to sell to each such Lender (a “Participating Lender”), an undivided percentage participating interest (a “Participating Interest”), to the extent of its Percentage, in each Letter of Credit issued by, and each Reimbursement Obligation owed to, the L/C Issuer. Upon any failure by the Borrower to pay any Reimbursement Obligation at the time required on the date the related drawing is to be paid, as set forth in Section 1.3(c) above, or if the L/C Issuer is required at any time to return to the Borrower or to a trustee, receiver, liquidator, custodian or other Person any portion of any payment of any Reimbursement Obligation, each Participating Lender shall, not later than the Business Day it receives a certificate in the form of Exhibit A hereto from the L/C Issuer (with a copy to the Administrative Agent) to such effect, if such certificate is received before 1:00 p.m. (Chicago time), or not later than 1:00 p.m. (Chicago time) the following Business Day, if such certificate is received after such time, pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of the L/C Issuer an amount equal to such Participating Lender’s Percentage of such unpaid or recaptured Reimbursement Obligation together with interest on such amount accrued from the date the related payment was made by the L/C Issuer to the date of such payment by such Participating Lender at a rate per annum equal to: (i) from the date the related payment was made by the L/C Issuer to the date two (2) Business Days after payment by such Participating Lender is due hereunder, the Federal Funds Rate for each such day and (ii) from the date two (2) Business Days after the date such payment is due from such Participating Lender to the date such payment is made by such Participating Lender, the Base Rate in effect for each such day. Each such Participating Lender shall thereafter be entitled to receive its Percentage of each payment received in respect of the relevant Reimbursement Obligation and of interest paid thereon, with the L/C Issuer retaining its Percentage thereof as a Lender hereunder. The several obligations of the Participating Lenders to the L/C Issuer under this Section 1.3 shall be absolute, irrevocable, and unconditional under any and all circumstances whatsoever and shall not be subject to any set-off, counterclaim or defense to payment which any Participating Lender may have or have had against the Borrower, the L/C Issuer, the Administrative Agent, any Lender or any other Person whatsoever. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such obligations shall not be affected by any Default or Event of Default or by any reduction or termination of any Commitment of any Lender, and each payment by a Participating Lender under this Section 1.3 shall be made without any offset, abatement, withholding or reduction whatsoever.