Percentage Interest Sample Clauses

Percentage Interest. Ownership of the Company shall be divided into, represented by, and each Member’s Percentage Interest shall be expressed in Units of the Company. The name, address, Units and Percentage Interest of each Member are set forth on Exhibit “A” attached hereto, which may be amended from time to time as necessary to reflect changes in the Percentage Interests and Units held by the Members.
Percentage Interest. As to any Certificate, the percentage interest evidenced thereby in distributions required to be made on the related Class, such percentage interest being set forth on the face thereof or equal to the percentage obtained by dividing the Denomination of such Certificate by the aggregate of the Denominations of all Certificates of the same Class.
Percentage Interest. If the number of outstanding Common Partnership Units increases or decreases during a taxable year, the General Partner shall adjust each holder of Common Partnership Units’ Percentage Interest, as reflected on Exhibit A, to a percentage equal to the number of Common Partnership Units held by such Partner divided by the aggregate number of outstanding Common Partnership Units.
Percentage Interest. The total Percentage Interests outstanding in the Company held by the Members shall at all times total one hundred percent (100%). An individual Member’s Percentage Interest in the Company shall be determined by dividing such Member’s aggregate Capital Contributions to the Company by the total Capital Contributions made to the Company by the Member(s).
Percentage Interest. The term
Percentage Interest. The percentage determined by dividing the number of Units owned by a Partner by the total number of outstanding Units.
Percentage Interest. (a) With respect to the right of each Certificate of a particular Class in the distributions allocated to such Class, “Percentage Interest” shall mean the percentage equal to:
Percentage Interest. The Sole Member’s Percentage Interest is one hundred percent (100%).
Percentage Interest. The Percentage Interests of the Members may be adjusted only as set forth in this Agreement.