Reestablishment of Rates and Charges Sample Clauses

Reestablishment of Rates and Charges. The City in its sole and absolute discretion may from time to time reestablish (or newly initiate) any type of rates and charges at the Airport (in a manner consistent with Laws and Regulations) to provide for the Airport's operations (including, but not limited to, reestablishing the rental rate charged to Tenant and all similarly situated tenants).

Related to Reestablishment of Rates and Charges

  • Rates and Charges The rates and charges for Verizon Telecommunication Services purchased by NUI for resale pursuant to this Attachment shall be as provided in this Attachment and the Pricing Attachment.

  • Payment of Fees and Charges 3.1 The Participant shall pay to the Service Provider the fees and charges as long as this Agreement continues in force.

  • ADS Fees and Charges The following ADS fees are payable under the terms of the Deposit Agreement:

  • Interest Fees and Charges Interest shall accrue on Outstanding Advances, both before and after judgment, from the date of disbursement until receipt of Collected Payments, at the Daily Funds Rate. Upon occurrence of an Event of Default, interest on Outstanding Advances shall thereafter accrue, both before and after judgment, at the Default Rate until receipt of Collected Payments. In addition, Client shall pay Summit the Fees and Charges. The Collateral Management Fees are for monitoring of the Collateral, collection of the Accounts, and administration of this Agreement. The Collateral Management Fees are not intended to be and shall not be construed to be interest. Interest and Fees and Charges may be deducted from Advances or from Collected Payments.

  • Costs and Charges Seller shall be responsible for all costs or charges imposed in connection with the delivery of Net Energy at the Electricity Delivery Point, including transmission costs and charges. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, except to the extent otherwise provided in the Interconnection Agreement, Seller shall bear all costs associated with the modifications to Transmission Provider’s interconnection facilities or electric system (including system upgrades) caused by or related to (a) the interconnection of the Facility with Transmission Provider’s system, (b) any increase in Capacity of the Facility, and (c) any increase of delivery of energy from the Facility.

  • Compensation for Additional Services Additional Services shall be compensated as set forth on Exhibit A for the stipulated payment amounts set forth therein. Other Additional Services not set forth on Exhibit A that are required or requested by the Owner shall be compensated as agreed, using the methodology set forth on Exhibit A, prior to the Design Professional undertaking such Additional Services; provided, however, that if such compensation cannot be agreed, the Additional Services shall be performed at the hourly rates set forth and listed in Exhibit B, plus reimbursable expenses pursuant to Article 4.1.3 below, with a limitation as to maximum amount specified.

  • Other Fees and Charges Additional fees (including but not limited to, property taxes, fuel surcharges, interest fees, license fees, and late payment fees except where permitted by section 215.422(3)(b), F.S.) or fees not permitted elsewhere in the Contract are prohibited. Contract Exhibit B ADDITIONAL SPECIAL CONTRACT CONDITIONS The sections of the Special Contract Conditions referenced below are replaced in their entirety or added as follows:

  • Establishment and Maintenance of Records GRANTEE shall maintain records, including but not limited to, books, financial records, supporting documents, statistical records, personnel, property, and all other pertinent records sufficient to reflect properly:

  • Establishment of Completion Date (a) The Completion Date shall be evidenced to the Issuer and the Trustee by a certificate signed by a Company Representative stating that, except for amounts retained by the Trustee at the Company’s direction to pay any Cost of the Project not then due and payable, (i) construction of the Project has been completed and all costs of labor, services, materials and supplies used in such construction have been paid, (ii) all equipment for the Project has been installed, such equipment so installed is suitable and sufficient for the operation of the Project, and all costs and expenses incurred in the acquisition and installation of such equipment have been paid, and (iii) all other facilities necessary in connection with the Project have been acquired, constructed and installed and all costs and expenses incurred in connection therewith have been paid. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such certificate shall state that it is given without prejudice to any rights against third parties which exist at the date of such certificate or which may subsequently come into being. Forthwith upon completion of the acquisition, construction and installation of the Project, the Company agrees to cause such certificate to be furnished to the Issuer and the Trustee. Upon receipt of such certificate, the Trustee shall retain in the Project Fund a sum equal to the amounts necessary for payment of the Costs of the Project not then due and payable according to such certificate. If any such amounts so retained are not subsequently used, prior to any transfer of said amounts to the General Account of the Bond Fund as provided below, the Trustee shall give notice to the Company of the failure to apply said funds for payment of the Costs of the Project. Any amount not to be retained in the Project Fund for payment of the Costs of the Project, and all amounts so retained but not subsequently used, shall be transferred by the Trustee into the General Account of the Bond Fund.

  • Performance of Daily Accounting Services In addition to the maintenance of the books and records specified above, Ultimus shall perform the following accounting services daily for each Portfolio: