Receivable Sample Clauses

Receivable. A retail instalment sale contract or direct purchase money loan for a Financed Vehicle that is included in the Schedule of Initial Receivables and any Additional Receivable that is included in a Schedule of Additional Receivables and all rights and obligations thereunder.
Receivable. A retail installment sale contract or promissory note (and related security agreement) for a new or used automobile or light truck (and all accessories thereto) that is included in the Schedule of Receivables, and all rights and obligations under such a contract, but not including (i) any Liquidated Receivable (other than for purposes of calculating Noteholders' Distributable Amounts hereunder and for the purpose of determining the obligations pursuant to Section 2.6 and 3.7 to purchase Receivables), or (ii) any Purchased Receivable on or after the Accounting Date immediately preceding the Deposit Date on which payment of the Purchase Amount is made in connection therewith pursuant to Section 4.5.
Receivable. The Existing Borrower and the New Borrower agree that the assumption by the New Borrower of the Existing Borrower’s obligation to repay the Novated Loan Balance on the Novation Effective Date shall satisfy the obligation of the New Borrower to pay the Receivable to the Existing Borrower (as purchaser of the Receivable from the Seller pursuant to the Receivable Purchase Agreement).
Receivable. All indebtedness and other obligations owed to Borrower or any Originator (at the time it arises, and before giving effect to any transfer or conveyance under the Receivables Sale Agreement) or in which Borrower or an Originator has a security interest or other interest, including, without limitation, any indebtedness, obligation or interest constituting an account, chattel paper, instrument or general intangible, arising in connection with the sale of goods or the rendering of services by an Originator and all other obligations of each Obligor in respect thereto, and further includes, without limitation, the obligation to pay any Finance Charges and sales or use taxes with respect thereto; provided, however, that “Receivables” shall only include such indebtedness and other obligations that, on the date such indebtedness or other obligation arises, are maintained on either an Originator’s (or the Servicer’s) (i) “Commercial Management System”, excluding the Excluded CMS Districts or (ii) “InfoPro System”, excluding the Excluded InfoPro System Divisions and InfoPro System obligations with a class code of RESI. Indebtedness and other rights and obligations arising from any one transaction, including, without limitation, indebtedness and other rights and obligations represented by an individual invoice, shall constitute a Receivable separate from a Receivable consisting of the indebtedness and other rights and obligations arising from any other transaction; provided further, that any indebtedness, rights or obligations referred to in the immediately preceding sentence shall be a Receivable regardless of whether the account debtor or Borrower treats such indebtedness, rights or obligations as a separate payment obligation. Receivables Sale Agreement: That certain Receivables Sale Agreement, dated as March 7, 2003, among the Originators and Borrower, as the same may be amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time.
Receivable. The first such delivery of amendments to the Schedule of Receivables shall include monthly amendments reporting account numbers appearing on the Schedule of Receivables with the new account numbers assigned to such Receivables during any prior Collection Period.
Receivable. (i) Purchaser has received true and complete copies of (a) the documentation specified on Schedule 2-A hereto in respect of the Receivable and (b) except as otherwise set forth in Section 2(c)(vi) with respect to Seller’s errors and omissions policy, the additional documentation provided to Purchaser in the Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Secure FTP Server (the “Data Room”), and such documentation in (a) and (b) constitutes all material supporting documentation in the possession of Seller with respect to the Receivable that has been requested by Purchaser, it being understood and agreed that Purchaser has not received electronic prescription drug event (“PDE”) files and related documentation.
Receivable. A retail installment contract (including any related promissory note and the related security agreement), and all rights and obligations under such contract, for a Financed Vehicle that is included in the Schedule of Receivables (except for Receivables that shall have become Purchased Receivables or Receivables that are replaced in accordance with the terms hereof).
Receivable. (a) As used in the Basic Documents (other than the Purchase Agreement) in the context of a transfer of a Receivable or the ownership of a Receivable, a Retail Note or the beneficial interest in a Retail Lease the record owner of which is the Titling Trust that is transferred to the Issuer pursuant to the Pooling Agreement and (b) as used in the Basic Documents in all other contexts, a Retail Lease or a Retail Note that is transferred to the Issuer pursuant to the Pooling Agreement.