Police and Fire Commission Appeal Sample Clauses

Police and Fire Commission Appeal. The Commission shall schedule the 15 grievance for a formal hearing within ten (10) working days after the date of the 16 written notice of appeal. The Commission shall render its decision within ten (10) 17 working days after the hearing. The decision of the Commission shall be final and 18 binding on the parties. In arriving at its decision, the Commission shall neither 19 modify, amend, add to, or subtract from the language of this Agreement.

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Grievance Commissioner System This is to confirm the discussion of the parties during collective bargaining that they are committed to encouraging early discussion and resolution of labour relations issues at the local level and seek to resolve grievances in a timely and cost efficient manner. To that end, this is to confirm that pursuant to Article 8, the parties agree that the Employer and Union at individual nursing homes may agree to utilize the following process in order to resolve a particular grievance through the utilization of a joint mediation-arbitration procedure:
Data Protection Impact Assessment If, pursuant to Data Protection Law, Customer (or its Controllers) are required to perform a data protection impact assessment or prior consultation with a regulator, at Customer’s request, SAP will provide such documents as are generally available for the Cloud Service (for example, this DPA, the Agreement, audit reports or certifications). Any additional assistance shall be mutually agreed between the Parties.