PAYMENT ON Sample Clauses

PAYMENT ON. RECEIPT Buyer shall make payment for the goods at the time when, and at the place where, the goods are received by buyer.
PAYMENT ON. (a) Together with the delivery of the Quarterly Report by Watson to Seller, Watson shall pay Seller an amount equal to * of the Net Profit relating to Xxxxxx'x or any of its Subsidiaries' sale of * during the calendar quarter covered by the Quarterly Report; provided, however, that, in lieu of the foregoing *, until the earlier of the date upon which the * Payment (as defined herein) has been paid in full or December 31, 1998, Watson or one of its Subsidiaries shall pay Seller * of the Net Profit earned by Watson and its Subsidiaries on the sale of * during the period beginning on the Closing Date and ending on December 31, 1998. For purposes of this Agreement, the "*PAYMENT" shall mean an amount equal to $*, which amount is comprised of the sum of (i) any amount of Net Profit earned by the Company or one of its Subsidiaries on the sale of * during the period from the opening of business "*SEE PAGE ONE OF EXHIBIT" on August 11, 1997 through the Closing Date; and (ii) any amounts paid by Watson or one of its Subsidiaries to Seller pursuant to the proviso at the end of the first sentence of this Section 6.4(a) or Section 6.4(b)(ii) herein; and (iii) amounts paid to Seller or Parent pursuant to Section 2.13 of the Contract Manufacturing Agreement attached hereto as EXHIBIT B, but shall exclude the amounts paid by Watson to Seller pursuant to Section 6.4(e) herein.
PAYMENT ON. Demand pay to the Bank on demand any sum of money which is payable by the Borrowers to the Bank under this Agreement, but in respect of which it is not specified in any other Clause when it is due and payable; and

Related to PAYMENT ON

  • Payment on Notes (a) Subject to the Payment Restrictions, MBIA shall provide to the Paying Agent, in immediately available funds on or prior to 10:00 a.m., New York time, but in any event no later than 12:00 noon, New York time, on each Interest Payment Date, Maturity Date, Scheduled Interest Payment Date, Scheduled Maturity Date or Redemption Date, such amount, in U.S. dollars, as is necessary to make such payment as is due, and MBIA hereby authorizes and directs the Paying Agent from funds so provided to it to make or cause to be made payment of the principal of and interest on, and Redemption Price or Make Whole Redemption Price with respect to, the Notes in the manner, at the times and for the purposes set forth herein and in the text of the Notes. Payments in respect of principal on or a redemption of Notes will be made only against surrender of such Notes. Payments in respect of interest on each scheduled payment date with respect to any such Note will be made to the Person in whose name such Note is registered at the close of business on the applicable Record Date. Payments of principal of, interest on or amounts with respect to a redemption of the Notes will be made by U.S. dollar check drawn on a bank in The City of New York or, for holders of at least $5,000,000 aggregate principal amount of Notes, by wire transfer to a U.S. dollar account maintained by the payee with a bank in the United States, provided that a written request from such Holder to such effect is received by the Fiscal Agent or the Paying Agent not less than 15 days (or such fewer days as the Fiscal Agent may accept at its discretion) prior to the scheduled payment date of the payment to be made. Unless such designation is revoked, any such designation made by such Person with respect to such Note will remain in effect with respect to any future payments with respect to such Note payable to such Person. MBIA will pay any reasonable administrative costs imposed in connection with making any such payments by wire transfer.

  • Payment on Maturity Date Borrower shall pay to Lender on the Maturity Date the outstanding principal balance of the Loan, all accrued and unpaid interest and all other amounts due hereunder and under the Note, the Mortgage and the other Loan Documents.

  • Payment on non-Business Day If any payment by the Borrower under a Finance Document would otherwise fall due on a day which is not a Business Day:

  • Payment on Non-Business Days Whenever any payment to be made hereunder shall be stated to be due on a day other than a Business Day, such payment shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day and no additional interest shall be due as a result (and if so made, shall be deemed to have been made when due). If any payment in respect of interest on an Advance is so deferred to the next succeeding Business Day, such deferral shall not delay the commencement of the next Interest Period for such Advance (if such Advance is a LIBOR Advance) or reduce the number of days for which interest will be payable on such Advance on the next interest payment date for such Advance.

  • Payment on Termination If Employee's employment is terminated by Employee with or without cause, or by Bank with or without cause, Employee shall be paid all base salary and benefits accrued under the Agreement as of the termination date.

  • Repayment on Termination Date The Borrower hereby agrees to repay the outstanding principal amount of (i) all Revolving Credit Loans in full on the Revolving Credit Maturity Date, and (ii) all Swingline Loans in accordance with Section 2.2(b) (but, in any event, no later than the Revolving Credit Maturity Date), together, in each case, with all accrued but unpaid interest thereon.

  • Payment on Death If an employee dies who was entitled to accumulated annual leave under the provisions of this Article, the heirs of such deceased employee shall be paid an amount of money equal to the number of unused hours of annual leave earned or accrued multiplied by the hourly rate of such deceased employee.

  • Payment on Early Termination Upon termination pursuant to Section 14 (Early Termination), District shall pay Contractor as follows:

  • Assignment on Return On return from leave, a participant will be assigned to his former position unless it is no longer available. In such a case the employee will be given a comparable job, if possible, or the layoff provisions will be applied.

  • Payment Due Date Unless City notifies the Contractor that a dispute exists, Payment shall be made within [Enter number of days, generally ≥ 30] calendar days, measured from (1) the delivery of goods and/or the rendering of services or (2) the date of receipt of the invoice, whichever is later. Payment is deemed to be made on the date on which City has issued a check to Contractor or, if Contractor has agreed to electronic payment, the date on which City has posted electronic payment to Contractor.