Option for Sample Clauses

Option for. * ]. Either Party shall have the option to propose [ * ] of [ * ]. If either Party makes such a proposal, the Parties shall negotiate the terms and conditions of such [ * ]. [ * ].
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Option for. * ]Exclusivity. Illumina has a [ * ] period that starts on the Effective Date and ends [ * ] after the Effective Date to purchase [ * ] Exclusivity. [ * ] CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES ANDEXCHANGE COMMISSION. “[ * ]” BRACKETED ASTERISKS DENOTE SUCH OMISSIONS.CONFIDENTIAL[ * ]. Illumina can purchase [ * ] Exclusivity [ * ]. If and when purchased, [ * ] Exclusivity terminates if Illumina purchases less than a rolling two quarter average of [ * ] worth of CombiMatrix products in any quarter starting from the time [ * ] Exlusivity starts and continuing on thereafter. Illumina will be given the chance to make up any shortfall in purchase within [ * ] after the end of the quarter in order to maintain [ * ] Exclusivity. This additional purchase counts in the shortfall rolling average period but not outside the shortfall rolling-average period (i.e., next period’s rolling average) — i.e., no double counting. If [ * ] Exclusivity begins during a quarter, the [ * ] purchase minimum will be prorated accordingly. [ * ]. “[ * ] Exclusivity” is defined as the [ * ] of [ * ] by CombiMatrix to Illumina and its Affiliates and CombiMatrix not entering into agreements with [ * ] where CombiMatrix is a supplier of [ * ] for [ * ], wherein the [ * ] are used in [ * ] products [ * ].
Option for. Collaborator to Obtain Exclusive License. The Collaborator will have the option to choose an exclusive license for a pre-negotiated field of use at a reasonable royalty rate, subject to the conditions set forth in 15 U.S.C. § 3710a(b)(1), for any Invention Made Under this Collaboration solely by Air Force Activity employees. The Collaborator must exercise the option to obtain an exclusive license for an Invention Made Under this Collaboration within six (6) months of the filing of a patent application on such Invention. The Collaborator may request such time be extended as necessary to understand the nature of the Invention and to permit sufficient time to determine the potential value thereof, which request will not be unreasonably refused by Air Force Activity. Any such extensions approved by Air Force Activity must be in writing. The Collaborator shall have the right of enforcement under chapter 29 of Title 35, United States Code, for an exclusive license entered into under this paragraph.
Option for. In the event that *** requests Royal Philips in writing with the written support of PSI within 180 days after *** with Royal Philips as specified in Clause 4.***, then Royal Philips shall ***
Option for. In the event that such ***
Option for. The scope of the Collaboration between Neurocrine and GSK set forth in this Agreement [***] research and development of compounds that are [***]. The Parties acknowledge that the [***] Technology may have [***]. Whilst [***] the full and unrestricted right to use and exploit the [***] Technology for purposes [***]and specifically to [***] Purposes, the exercise of such rights is, and shall be, at all times subject to the terms of Section 3.7 (b) in that, subject to such terms, either Party shall have the option to obtain [***] license [***] under the [***] Technology to make, have made, use, sell, have sold and import [***] Purposes in a particular field.